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Loop Hero Tips & Tricks For Getting Started

by Jesse Vitelli

Loop Hero is a brand-new Roguelike on PC. You’re tasked with journeying on a pre-determined loop as you fight monsters, equip gear, and build new paths to victory. Here are some tips and tricks for Loop Hero.

Loop Hero Tips & Tricks For Getting Started

Building Your Loop

The most prominent and most active part of any Loop Hero run is how you place tiles on the board. Every tile that can be placed will change your board, whether it adds new monsters to the board or gives your Hero passive buffs. It’s incredibly important to make sure you know when and where to place certain tiles.<

For instance, the meadow tile is a huge part of every run. It will give you 2 HP back every time a new day starts, which is a primary source of how you heal throughout a run. Did you know, though, if you place your Meadow next to rocks or other non-meadow tiles, it will bloom and give you 3 HP per tiles instead. 

This is a perfect example of knowing how to space out your passive tiles correctly. You also want to form your rocks in a 3×3 grid with nothing in between. This will allow you to create a giant mountain and give you a ton of more resources. 

Retreat Retreat Retreat!

Never be afraid to retreat from a run when you make it back to your campfire. Especially in the early game, it’s essential to gather as many resources as possible. Building up your tech tree and upgrading your bases are incredibly important.

The bonuses you’ll get from the camp are potent and can change a run drastically. If you are hesitant if you’ll be able to survive another loop, it’s worth it just to retreat and come back again. 

If you don’t think a run will get you to the boss, always play it safe and simply get out of there with the goods.

Upgrade your Camp

Now it’s a little hidden in the menus, but you can actually upgrade each individual piece of your camp. For instance, the cemetery tile can be upgraded to give your Hero a resurrection token for each run.

These are substantial upgrades that are slightly hidden. Just click on the tile when you’re back at camp and look for the little upgrade button on the right-hand side.

It will show you the material needed for upgrading, and there are plenty of powerful upgrades to grab so also check in on it.

Test out New Classes

You’ll start out with the warrior class, which is a well-balanced Hero; however, as you buy more camp tiles, you’ll unlock new classes like the Rogue and Necromancer, which play incredibly different. Test out the other classes and see which one works for you. 

Unlock the Forest Card

The Forest card is pretty high up in the tech tree, but it’s totally a game changer once you unlock it. The Forest card will give passive buffs to your hero’s attack speed for every forest put down.

It also comes with the Thicket card, which gives you a 2% attack speed increase. Eventually, once you have a ton of forest on the loop, your Hero will decimate everything in its path. 

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you get ready for your next Loop. As always, be sure to reach out on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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