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Little Nightmares Achievements and Trophies

by Bryan Dawson

The achievements and trophies in Little Nightmares can be elusive. Some people have had a hard time finding all of the secret achievements, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling this article that covers all of the Little Nightmares achievements and trophies with information on how to obtain each one. We’ve divided this article into story mode achievements, miscellaneous achievements and secret achievements, so you don’t have to be spoiled if you’re trying to do these on your own. Let’s take a look at all of the Little Nightmares achievements and trophies.

Story Achievements

The Prison

The Lair

The Kitchen

The Guest Area

The Lady’s Quarters

Hard to the Core

  • Description: What’s different about you? Why are you so brave?
  • How to Complete: Finish the game in less than one hour, without dying at all. To do this you need to skip most of the collectible items and run through most of the areas. If you pause or access the dashboard, the timer will stop.

Misc. Achievements

Light Up Your Life

  • Description: Not all lights can be trusted, but these should be quite safe!
  • How to Complete: Use your lighter to ignite a combined total of at least 13 lanterns and candles throughout the game. There are 20 total lanterns and candles, but you only need to light 13.

Little Lost Things

  • Description: Kindness will be your undoing!
  • How to Complete: Hug all 13 Nomes in Little Nightmares. We’ve got the location of each Nome just for you!


  • Description: Little vandal, little beast, The Maw will punish you at the feast.
  • How to Complete: Break all 10 statues found in Little Nightmares. We have the location of each one to make this easier for you.

Secret Achievements


  • Description: Hey sneaky rat, how do you keep slipping away.
  • How to Complete: Escape six times when any of the main enemies are chasing you. That includes the Janitor, chefs or any of the guests. They have to start chasing you, then you have to get away without being caught for it to count. You’ll know when it counts toward the achievement because the save icon (eye) will appear in the lower right corner.

Highly Sprung

  • Description: You’d jump even higher if you know what slept there!
  • How to Complete: Jump on any bed in the game at least six times.

Kitchen Hand

  • Description: The recipe is complete, the feast will be divine.
  • How to Complete: Throw three ingredients into the large pot in the background of the main kitchen area.

Six’s Song

  • Description: So many keys, yet none to unlock your cage!
  • How to Complete: When you reach the piano that hangs from the ceiling in The Lair area, hit every key to complete this achievement. Keep in mind, if you run across the keys one time you may miss one, so run across a few times if you don’t see the achievement notification pop-up.

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