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Limited Blessings Challenge Destiny 2 Guide – Crown of Sorrow

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been keeping up to date with content in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep then you’ll likely have been gunning through the Crown of Sorrow with your mates. There’s a number of raid challenges available to the enterprising, each corresponding to a different encounter. Check out our Limited Blessings challenge Destiny 2 guide for a hand with getting the better of the Hive Ritual.

Limited Blessings Challenge Destiny 2 Guide – Crown of Sorrow

The Limited Blessings challenge is, as we’ve alluded to, relevant to the first raid encounter in Crown of Sorrow. As the name might suggest, you’re going to have to show a little bit of restraint here: to clear this challenge, only two players can be Blessed at a time while you’re in the encounter. As the Hive Ritual usually requires players to be Blessed to take down certain adds, this might make different parts of the fight more difficult later on. 

Our suggestion would be to have two players Blessed and positioned on the left and right sides of the map. Don’t bother with anyone in the middle, and make sure that un-Blessed players give the Vessel a wide berth so that they don’t pick up the status by accident. When players are swapping from side to side, they should be aware of this danger as well. Taking out the crystals shouldn’t be a vastly different process here; you’ll leave them to the players on the left and the right, who will then come together to take care of the central one.

When you’re dealing with the adds that we mentioned earlier, though, you’ll have to be slightly more careful. In the Hive Ritual encounter, only Blessed players can nix the Ogre and Knight adds that can be troublesome. Non-Blessed players should take care of all other adds floating around so that their Blessed brethren can focus fire the ones that count in order to stay efficient. Following that strategy and keeping far from the Vessel should have this challenge completed in a flash.

Now that you have our Limited Blessings challenge Destiny 2 guide to help you out, we reckon you’ll crack through this raid challenge in no time. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? We’ve got some other tips and tricks to impart: 

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