Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name – All Trophies/Achievements and How to Unlock Them

Every trophy and achievement in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, the latest entry in the Like A Dragon (formerly known as Yakuza) series has officially launched on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Here is the full list of the game’s trophies and achievements.

Like A Dragon: Gaiden Trophies and Achievements Listed

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The Dragon of Dojima

Obtained all trophies. (PlayStation only)   

Hidden Dragon

Completed Chapter 1.   

Castle on the Water

Completed Chapter 2.   

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Completed Chapter 3.   

The Laughing Man

Completed Chapter 4.   

The Man Who Erased His Name

Completed the Final Chapter.     

Fledgling Dragon

Obtained 10 abilities through Upgrade Abilities. 

Respectable Dragon

Obtained 20 abilities through Upgrade Abilities. 

Ferocious Dragon

Obtained 30 abilities through Upgrade Abilities. 

Legendary Dragon

Obtained 50 abilities through Upgrade Abilities. 

Like a Bee

Activated the Hornet gadget during battle 100 times.      

Like a Snake

Activated the Serpent gadget during battle 50 times.       

Like a Spider

Activated the Spider gadget during battle 50 times.          

Like a Firefly

Detonated the Firefly gadget during battle 50 times.        

Always Prepared

Obtained 10 types of equipment items. 

Extremely Heated

Used Extreme Heat 30 times.     


Used Ultimate Counter 5 times. 

Silver Tier

Earned a Silver rank at the Castle.            

Gold Tier

Earned a Gold rank at the Castle.             

Platinum Tier

Earned a Platinum rank at the Castle.     

Taking Requests

Completed 5 requests for Akame.            

At Your Service

Completed 10 requests for Akame.          

Go-To Guy

Completed 15 requests for Akame.          

Neighborhood Watch

Completed 10 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.   

Neighborhood Defender

Completed 30 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.   

Neighborhood Hero

Completed 50 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.   

Drinkin’ and Linkin’

Bonded completely with Akame.              

Rookie Fighter

Reached 1,000 fans.       

Up-and-Coming Fighter

Reached 3,000 fans.       

Favored Fighter

Reached 10,000 fans.     


Reached 30,000 fans.     

Hell’s Keeper

Completed all matches with a Silver rank.             

Hell’s Patron

Completed all matches with a Gold rank.              

Hell’s Champion

Completed all matches with a Platinum rank.      

Welcome to the Family

Recruited 10 members to the Joryu Clan.             

Strength in Numbers

Recruited 20 members to the Joryu Clan.             

They Can’t Stop Us All

Recruited 30 members to the Joryu Clan.             

To Train in Life

Bonded completely with a Joryu Clan member.   

To Train in Death

Bonded completely with 5 Joryu Clan members. 

To Train Beyond

Bonded completely with 10 Joryu Clan members.              

First King Dethroned

Defeated the first of the Four Kings.        

Second King Dethroned

Defeated the second of the Four Kings.  

Third King Dethroned

Defeated the third of the Four Kings.       

Fourth King Dethroned

Defeated the fourth of the Four Kings.    

The World’s Strongest

Defeated Amon.              

Fashion Scrub

Obtained 15 types of outfit items.            


Obtained 30 types of outfit items.            


Obtained 50 types of outfit items.            

The Man Who Had Too Many Hobbies

Played 10 minigames.    

Heavenly VIP

Completed all hostess missions at Club Heavenly.              

Castle VIP

Completed all hostess missions at Castle Cabaret.             

Retro Gamer

Played 5 different games on the SEGA Master System.     

Arcade Dweller

Played 6 different games at the arcade.  

Pocket Circuit Pro

Unlocked the Masters Circuit in Pocket Circuit.    

Left in the Dust

Won 3 Rival Matches in Pocket Circuit.   


Won a game of darts.     

Royal Gambler

Played at the casino and gambling hall in the Castle.        

Rising Superstar

Went to karaoke with Akame and sang a duet.    

Surgical Precision

Completed a 1-Shot Challenge on normal difficulty.          

Locked Up

Obtained 30 items from coin lockers.      


Threw an enemy into the river with the Spider gadget.    

Gotta Catch Some Balls!

Obtained some Balls.     

In total, Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name features a sizeable list of 61 achievements and 62 trophies on PlayStation (including the Platinum trophy). Although previous titles in the Like A Dragon/Yakuza series have included highly challenging, time-consuming achievement lists, the newest entry bucked this trend, as the game has no missable trophies and can reportedly be 100% completed in less than 30 hours.

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