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Life Is Strange: True Colors | All 5 Memory Locations in Chapter 1

by Morgan Shaver

As you explore Life Is Strange: True Colors, you’ll come across a number of things you can interact with including things that count as collectible memories. In total, there are 5 collectible memories in each chapter.

In order to collect them, all you need to do is find and interact with them using Alex’s power. Having trouble finding all of the memories in Chapter 1? We’ve got you covered with a look at where to find all 5 memory locations in Chapter 1 of Life Is Strange: True Colors! 

Life Is Strange: True Colors | All 5 Memory Locations in Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of Life Is Strange: True Colors, most of the collectible memories can be found in and around The Black Lantern with two being in Alex’s room and one being in the bar area downstairs.

Towards the end as you explore the mine looking for Ethan, you’ll come across two more collectible memories right before you enter the interior portions of the mine. If you’ve already played through and beaten Life Is Strange: True Colors, you can go back and replay different parts of each chapter to collect any collectibles you might have missed.

To help make this process easier, the parts of each chapter where those memories can be found are marked, so when you try and replay a chapter and you sift through different points within that chapter, you should see parts with a badge icon.

Along with this icon, you’ll see a number like 0/1 or 1/2 which indicates how many collectibles can be found in that section, and how many you yourself have found. We highly recommend utilizing this feature of the game as it’s a great way to pinpoint exactly which parts of the game you need to replay. 

Note that in order to collect these memories, you’ll need to interact with them using Alex’s power to read the emotions attached to those memories. Looking and observing them is not enough to collect them.

And with that out of the way, here are all the collectible memory locations in Chapter 1 of Life Is Strange: True Colors including images and descriptions of where they can be found.

Memory #1 – Crack

The first memory can be a bit tricky to find unless you’re looking around Alex’s room from top to bottom.

To help make things easier, the first memory is related to a crack in the wall, with this wall being located in the hallway leading to the exit into The Black Lantern.

When approaching the exit, on your right will be an arcade game, and then to your left you’ll find the wall with the crack.

Memory #2 – Letter To Riley

This memory is a little easier to find than the wall crack as it’s plopped right on the desk near Alex’s bed. All you need to do to find it is approach the desk and look on top (on the right side) to spot the letter to Riley. 

Memory #3 – Business Card

Once you’ve collected the two memories in Alex’s room, you’ll want to exit into The Black Lantern and head over to the bar area.

Walk back behind the bar and look carefully around the back counter. There, you should eventually be able to find a memory in the form of a small business card. 

Memory #4 – Helmet

The next set of memories are found once Alex heads over to the mine area to track down Ethan. The first memory you’re apt to find is an old mining helmet lying on the ground outside before you find a way to enter the processing building to reach the silo tower.

To find it, all you need to do is head towards the gate that Ryan and Gabe are standing by, then look on the ground to your left (also left of the Jed Lucan plaque) and you should be able to spot the helmet.  

Memory #5 – Phone

The fifth and final memory in Chapter 1 of Life Is Strange: True Colors is a phone found just inside the processing building you enter in to get to the silo tower. Right when you’re able to get inside, turn all the way around, and on the wall you should see an old phone. 

Interact with the phone, and you’ll have collected your fifth and final memory for Chapter 1 of Life Is Strange: True Colors.

We hope this guide has helped you track down all five collectible memories in Life Is Strange: True Colors. Be sure to check back, as we plan to share additional guides for collectible memories for all of the other chapters in Life Is Strange: True Colors!

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