Lies of P: Soft Cap Levels Explained

He may not be a real boy, but the gains are real.

As you make your way through the grimy streets of Krat in Lies of P, you’ll have the option to level up this reimagined version of Pinocchio to become a cold-blooded killer. However, if you push this puppet to the limits of his power, you may notice that something doesn’t feel right after all. You may have been inflicted with something called a Soft Cap, and we’re here to help you figure out if you’ve been afflicted with this particularly painful condition.

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What is a Soft Cap in Lies of P?

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As you level up Pinocchio throughout your journey in Lies of P, you’ll find that you have a variety of skills that you can level up to increase your overall usefulness within this world. He may just be a puppet, but this boy can slay some demons. However, if you dump too many Levels into a particular category, you’ll find that you’ve hit a Soft Cap. In Lies of P, the highest level you can hit on an individual skill before it starts dropping significantly is Level 60.

A Soft Cap, in this instance, will drastically reduce the amount of skill points you receive for a particular option. If you put all of your points into Vitality, for example, you’ll normally receive anywhere from 3 to 5 additional HP added every time you level up, making it easy to tank hits. However, once you hit Level 60, you’ll likely only receive 1 extra HP each time you level up, making it almost useless to do so. Start putting your points in all of the different categories to make sure that Pinocchio is a well-rounded boy.

How Do You Level Up and Respec in Lies of P?

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To level up your character, you’ll have a variety of different options. The easiest option available is visiting the Stargazers that litter your path while exploring Krat. You can spend the Ergo that you receive and start leveling up your new war machine. There are some other ways to level up, and we’ve got you covered on that.

If you’ve found that you’ve put too many points into a particular category and are being affected by this Soft Cap, you may be looking to respec your character. We’ve also got you covered on that, so you can always stay in the best shape of your (possibly) short life.

No matter if you’ve defeated the Parade Master and aren’t sure what to do with the item you receive or you find yourself stuck facing off against this hulking monster, be sure to check out our Lies of P section below to get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks that will make the experience all the more accessible to you.

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