Lies of P: Should You Give the Cure to Antonia?

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A slightly end-game mission in Lies of P is regarding Lady Antonia. She’s slowly dying of the Petrification Disease, and Polendina truly wishes for her to keep living after having his own Ergo awakened. You can get rid of her pain, or maybe not giving her the cure is a greater mercy than you would expect. Let’s see how each of the options will affect your game.

Should You Cure Antonia’s Disease in Lies of P?

After reaching Chapter VI and finishing a side quest with a man looking for his wife, you discover she was actually a puppet. Finishing this quest will involve a particular conversation with Polendina in Hotel Krat. He tells you about his awakened Ergo, and expresses his wishes for the well-being of Lady Antonia, despite her fragile condition.

Later, after beating Chapter VII’s boss, he starts speaking about making a cure for Antonia. He tells you that he heard about a certain Alchemist who might be able to bring that into existence, and you obviously have already met that person: Giangio, the Gold Coin merchant. 

After speaking to him about Antonia’s condition, he agrees to make you a cure if you give him a Gold Coin Fruit. Easy to do since these grow in the tree nearby. But once you give it to Polendina, the puppet hesitates about giving it to her or not, since she’s still certain to die later, so it’s up to you to decide the old lady’s fate.

If You Give the Cure to Antonia in Lies of P

Antonia and Polendina will be in the highest of spirits thanks to the cure results. Antonia will notice that you and Polendina were responsible for that and will thank you from the deepest of her heart. The puppet is just as pleased and happy to see her in such high spirits.

But as mentioned before, the disease has already taken its toll on her, and she cannot last long. Once you defeat Laxasia and decide on Sophia in Chapter XI, return to the Hotel, and Polendina will inform you that Antonia has passed away. He claims that she was not in pain and was actually happy during her final moments, but the grief consumes him to the point where he decides to keep living merely as a puppet. You get The Story of the Refined Lady achievement for giving her the cure.

If You Destroy the Cure in Lies of P

Polendina understands that prolonging her suffering might be even more cruel than merely letting her pass away. He disposes of the cure, and Antonia will still be glad about you trying your best to save the city and her despite noticing that you and Polendina were scheming something.

Like in the other scenario, Antonia will be gone during Chapter XI. Polendina wonders if the treatment was a better choice, considering that she endured such pain during her final moments. After her passing, he decides to live as a regular puppet.

And after considering both results, using the cure on Antonia is definitely the better choice. Your answer when she asks if her beauty is still there doesn’t affect anything other than humanity, and she will be gone by the end of the game regardless of your choice. 

The least you can do is to give her some pleasing final moments, so you might as well do that. You also get a trophy for doing that, so you might as well just get it. Just like with Alidoro, there’s little to no reason not to.

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