Lies of P: Should You Give Peace to Sophia?

The Blue Fairy's lamentation

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Once you start Chapter XI in Lies of P, things finally start making sense – or you’ll be convinced that you never understood anything at all, which is most likely the case. Regardless of your confusion (or absence of it), you’re faced with one of the game’s biggest moral choices right after beating one of its toughest bosses. Talk about a punch in the gut. Time to choose Sophia’s fate in Lies of P.

Spoiler warning:

This article contains heavy spoilers for the game’s final moments, so read with your own caution.

Lies of P: Should You Choose to Give Peace to Sophia?

Once you arrive at the Isle of the Alchemist, Sophia starts revealing some of the game’s secrets to you. She has been projecting her image in the Hotel and helping you throughout the game so you can save her. Whenever you die, Sophia winds back time to save you.

Her real body is trapped somewhere in the tower, and it takes a good while before you can reach her. She’s right after Laxasia, the Complete. After you finally defeat the lightning girl, you will meet with the real Blue Fairy.

Her body is being used by Simon to make his experiments, but she asks you for peace. Gemini thinks she wants to live, but the final choice is yours.

If You Give Sophia Peace in Lies of P

As sad as it can be, anyone would be touched by her tragic tale, and abiding by her requests is the least you can do. She entrusts her Ergo to you and you will change once more, warping into a gray hair form. Sophia thanks you and disappears.

You can freely change forms in the chair at Geppetto’s Office as it’s mostly a visual effect. You will notice that P will be more like a human from here on out, though, and you can hear more of his battle voices during combat.

You can still safely die as Sophia’s Ergo is now protecting you from the inside, and this choice sets you on the path to the True Ending.

If You Let Sophia Live in Lies of P

Sophia’s body is already too weakened by the time you get here, so even if you let her live, she will be gone by the time you leave the room. She will continue to help you from the beyond, you won’t get the scene with her Ergo being given to you.

This means you won’t get a new form and you won’t gain humanity either, and this also sets you on the path for the regular ending as Sophia is still alive and suffering at the machine.

With that said, giving Sophia peace is an act of mercy, and this will probably be your choice in your first playthrough. This is necessary for witnessing the game’s true conclusion, and unless you’re willingly going for a different ending, you should just let her rest. She has already done enough for you. And the ending might give her a better conclusion depending on your other answers.

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