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Lies of P P-Organ Best Upgrades featured

You finally get access to the P-Organ when you beat the Chapter III boss. The chair in Geppetto’s office is the central place to install upgrades in Pinocchio’s body. These are just as good, if not better, than your simple level-up perks, as they can change your gameplay drastically. And we’ll talk about the best choices you can pick for each of the Phases here.

P-Organ Upgrades in Lies of P Explained

There are initially five Phases for the P-Organ, with a sixth phase unlocking in a New Game + after beating the game. There are four main upgrades in each phase, each requiring activating Slot effects first, which are also big game-changing upgrades. Each slot can be activated with a Quartz, obtained by defeating bosses and found in chests around the game.

The higher the phase, the more Slots you need to fill before activating a Group synergy. Phase 1 has two Slots per Group, while Phase 3 has three, and so on. The Group effect (such as Extra Dodge) won’t work until you activate all Slots, but each Slot effect is immediately effective once you select it.

Lies of P P-Organ Best Upgrades Overview
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You have four different types of slots (Attack, Survival, Ability, and Item), but you can only use one of each type in every Group (you can’t have two Attack Type slots in the same group, for example).

You’re free to activate these upgrades at any order. Further Phases are unlocked according to the number of Group Synergies you activated, regardless of which Phase they’re located.

Best Upgrades for All P-Organ Phases

P-Organ upgrades can be a personal preference at the end of the day, but I found these to be the most useful for the early portions of the game, so you should probably do well with these.

Best Upgrades for Phase 1

Lies of P P-Organ Best Upgrades Phase 1
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  • Best Synergies: Link Dodge, Increase Pulse Cells 1
  • Best Slots: Enhance Charge Stagger ATK 1 (Attack), Enhance Guard Regain Recovery 1 (Survival), Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 1 (Ability), Increase Ergo upon eliminating an enemy 1 (Item). 

Link Dodge is a must if you’re still getting used to the game. Having a better dodge is almost mandatory to beat certain bosses. In the same way, having more Pulse Cells lets you be more aggressive and will probably save you in a pinch.

For slots, charged attacks are one of your best tools to bring down bosses, so making them stronger early in the game will make your life easier later. Come back to these later if you couldn’t get them at first.

Best Upgrades for Phase 2

  • Best Synergies: Rising Dodge, Increase Pulse Cells 2
  • Best Slots: Enhance Perfect Guard Destruction 1 (Attack) Enahnce Pulse Cell Recovery 1 (Survival), Reduces Stamina consumption from dash (Ability), Special Grindstone Increase Effect Duration 1 (Item).

Same reasons as Phase 1, basically. These are the most impactful changes to the game, so you should pick them up first. For slots there aren’t that many amazing slots unlocked here, but these stand out from the others. The Grindstone one can be a life changer if you remember to use it more often.

Best Upgrades for Phase 3

  • Best Synergies: Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 2, Add Belt Slots 1/ Increase Cube Uses 1.
  • Best Slots: Enhance Charge Stagger ATK 2 (Attack), Increase Pulse Cells 3 (Survival), Quick Wishstone Use (Ability), Increase Ergo upon eliminating an enemy 2 (item).

Using the cube feels really bad at first, but it becomes almost instant with the Quick Use ability unlocked, making it way more viable to use during a battle. If you still don’t like using it, there are tons of other useful slots in the third phase you can get. 

Best Upgrades for Phase 4

Best Synergies: Perfect Guard causes stiffness, Increases Special Grindstone uses

Best Slots: Increase Fable ATK 2 (Attack), Auto Charge Pulse when Discharged (Survival), Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance 2 (Ability), Increase Consumable Effect Duration 2 (Item).

You should already know how to do Perfect Guards at a consistent rate if you got this far, so making them more effective is definitely the way to go. You probably learned about how useful some items are against Status Effects too, so let’s make them a little bit better.

Best Upgrades for Phase 5

Lies of P P-Organ Best Upgrades Phase 5
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  • Best Synergies: Retain Guard Regain 2, Increase Staggerable Window 2
  • Best Slots: Increase Fatal ATK 2 (Attack), Enhance Special Resistance 2 (Survival), Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 2 (Ability), Charges Fable upon Pulse Cell Use (Item).

Slots are usually better than Synergies in Phase 5, so you might want to stick to unlocking older Synergies using the new Slots you got by here. But having some more breathing room after knocking a boss down is always welcome.

Best Upgrades for Phase 6

Phase 6 is only available after starting a New Game Plus.

  • Best Synergies: Add Weapon Slots, Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 3
  • Best Slots: Enhances ATK when HP is at maximum (Attack), Enhance Deflection Recovery (Survival), Naturally recovers durability of inactive weapons 3 (Ability), Increases Ergo upon eliminating an enemy (Item).

These are all aimed at a late-game stage where you probably know what suits you best. But having extra weapons for different situations and some extra cure to deal with the heavy hits from enemies in NG+ are invaluable. You’ll get tons of Quartz quickly in the (repeated) early game, so make some good use of them.

If you regret adding any Slot or Synergy, you can always reset your P-Organ progress after reaching Chapter VII. 

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