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If you haven’t been using your Legion Arm that much in Lies of P, chances are that you just haven’t found the right one for you yet. But there are many good choices out there, and some of them are exclusively made by using a Legion Plug. Here’s where you can find these rare items across the game.

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All Legion Plug Locations in Lies of P

You can encounter four Legion Plugs in Lies of P, and you can use them to make the Falcon Eyes, Pandemonium, Aegis, and Deus Ex Machina Arms. All of the others are handed to you at some point in the game, and you can later evolve them with Legion Calibers.

Legion Plug at St. Frangelico Cathedral

After entering the main Cathedral in Chapter IV and climbing all the way to the top of the wood structures (the ones you can climb after reaching the water-filled area after the Stargazer), you can find this area where you need to jump over the platforms.

Push the fire pedestal to remove the water, then keep going forward and turn to your right at the end of the way to find a lever. This will make the wheel go in the opposite direction now to reach higher levels, and it also works as a shortcut from this location where there was previously water.

  • Lies of P Legion Plugs Locations Cathedral Lever
  • Lies of P Legion Plugs Locations Cathedral Elevation

Use it to go up until you see a small passage behind you, where you will find two monsters and a chest. This chest will contain your first Legion Plug. 

Legion Plug at Rosa Isabella Street

  • Lies of P Legion Plugs Locations Rosa Isabella Street Entrance
  • Lies of P Legion Plugs Locations Rosa Isabella Street

After reaching Chapter VI, you will eventually have to go through an abandoned house. The Legion Plug is found on its lowest floors, right after going through the murdered baby puppets.

Legion Plug at the Grand Exhibition Gallery

  • Lies of P Legion Plugs Locations Grand Exhibition Stairs
  • Lies of P Legion Plugs Locations Grand Exhibition Chest

While visiting the Exhibition in Chapter VII, you will encounter a garden-like room with a train wagon in its middle. Turn to your left and go upstairs to find a chest guarded by an elite monster. Beat her and claim your Legion Plug prize inside said chest.

Legion Plug in Krat Central Station (Revisit)

The final Plug is found during your unceremonial return to the Krat Central Station in Chapter IX, now taken over by the monsters. This plug is mandatory and you’ll get it after beating a monster pounding the door at the Abandoned Apartment after leaving the Station. It’s not the first time you find such an enemy, so be careful with his growing bones and you’ll bring it down in no time.

By making all arms, you can get the Legion Arm Collector achievement, as well as now having way better weapon options in your game. This is way past the early game point, and you will probably know what’s best to use by now, but adding some new arms like the Deus Ex Machina or Falcon Eyes (my personal favorite) can give you a whole new perspective on a few certain weapons.

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