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Lies of P Early Game Weapons Featured

Lies of P is brutal. More than brutal sometimes. Most of the time you’re either getting ganged up by the regular puppets in the streets or getting your face smashed on the floor repeatedly by any of the early bosses. Or maybe even by some slightly stronger enemies that are just as tough. For that reason, you should look out for some of the best weapons you can get early in Lies of P.

Best Early Game Weapons in Lies of P

This guide will cover most easy-to-get regular weapons and a few combinations you can make with them. Ultimately, you should play with the weapons that you want and feel more comfortable with, but these are some picks that might be the ones you were looking for. Special Weapons later in the game usually outclass most unmixed regular Weapons, so you might want to start using those once you get them.

Electric Coil Stick

Bought from the vendor next to the Inside the House in Elysion Boulevard Stargazer in Chapter II, this weapon works as the saber you get from the Path of the Cricket (Balanced path) at the beginning of the game. But this one can inflict Shock on enemies, which increases their Physical damage taken. As long as enemies aren’t resistant to the status, you can beat them up with the electrical stick and quickly swap to another weapon of your liking to finish them (if they’re still standing).

Big Pipe Wrench

Found after defeating the boss in Venigni Works in Chapter III, this big pipe can be mixed with other handles to make up for its slow startup animations. The Krat Police Baton Handle is a good option for quicker gameplay, but handles like Bone-Cutting (obtained a bit later in the Malum District) are heavy, but can quickly stagger most enemies despite its poor range.

Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear

Great to use as it is, even better with some mixing. This long-ranged weapon has some defensive capacities and it’s found in a chest in the St. Frangelico Cathedral at Chapter IV. It compensates for what it lacks in raw attack power with its powerful fables, perfect for parry-focused playstyle. If the blade is still too weak for you, use the Handle (which has the guard-based Fable Art skill) with another powerful blade you come across such as the Fire Axe.

Trident of the Covenant

Although obtained at the “end” of the early game and being the only Special Weapon here, this thing can easily carry you through most fights from here on out. It has a base Critical Chance, which increases even more its already-reliable damage. You can get it from Alidoro with the Fallen Archbishop Andreus Rare Ergo.

These weapons can carry you through the entirety of the first chapters with ease, but you can always keep experimenting with them. Most special weapons later will get even crazier, so keep hoarding those Rare Ergos for the right opportunity.

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