Lethal Company November 11 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

In space, quite a few things can hear you scream, actually

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Quite a slew of updates have been added to Lethal Company, from new items to the ability to actually kill some of the monsters that have been killing you. Here’s the Lethal Company November 11 Update, Full Patch Notes Listed.

Lethal Company November 11 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

Lethal Company has you working for the benefit of the faceless shareholders, collecting scrap from abandoned, industrialized moons. And those moons, unfortunately, are infested with terrifying creatures that are more than happy to sting, devour, or tear you apart. And with the release of these patch notes, some of those unkillable monsters can now be killed! Take that, you stupid eyeless dogs.

So, let’s dive right into those patch notes. But be wary, there are spoilers ahead!

This update is here to fix some important bugs as well as add a little bit of new stuff.


  • Added Radar Boosters. Each one has a unique name and rich personality. Please take care of them.
  • Changes to the radar screen:
  • You can use the keyword “SWITCH” along with a player’s name to view them on the terminal. This can also be used to view activated radar boosters by typing their names.
  • Added SPOLERS! Baboon hawks.
  • Added the Inverse Teleporter. It is not recommended for a single player, as your mileage will vary drastically.
  • Improvements to lobbies:
  • Added the player list in-game, including voice volume sliders, links to Steam profiles, and kick buttons for the host.
  • Fixed an issue where if clients were unable to connect, they would just see an endless loading screen; host would then experience problems until they restarted the server.
  • Added giant pumpkins outdoors for the autumn season.
  • Added a jack-o-lantern to the ship’s random shop; he is a bit late.

Small changes to the zap gun:

  • The zap gun should no longer lock onto targets behind you.
  • The zap gun now has a slightly larger range at which it can begin locking on.
  • The jetpack now properly syncs the user’s rotation with other players.
  • Hives hopefully should no longer disappear when entering orbit.
  • Various fixes and improvements to AI, including:
  • SPOLERS! Forest giants will drop a player if they are stunned while attempting to eat them.
  • Manticoils can now be killed.
  • Eyeless dogs can now be killed.
  • Previously, one hit would sometimes register as two hits on SPOLERS! Flowerman.

…And more I’ve forgotten! (Developer’s Comment)

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