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Lego Jurassic World Dinosaur Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Lego video games put fans in control of lightsaber-wielding Jedi, Hobbits and superheroes from DC and Marvel. With Lego Jurassic World, players get to stomp around as their favorite dinosaurs.  

The easiest way to play as a dinosaur is to simply play the game. Early on, for example, you’ll need to smash into debris with a Triceratops to clear the way. Other times, you’ll need to search for Amber Bricks. You then take the dinosaur DNA to Dinosaur Customizers and Dino Spawners.

Dinosaurs break down into Small, Medium and Large categories. You’re free to choose Small creatures from the character menu, but for the rest, you’ll need to activate a Dino Spawner somewhere in the game world.

Similar to human characters, Lego dinosaurs possess unique abilities. Below is the full list of dinosaur abilities for Lego Jurassic World. 

Roar: Use this to break dinosaur strength objects and Amber. 

Pounce: While playing as a Velociraptor, jump onto a raptor rail and jump higher. 

Scent Tracking: This allows raptors to follow scent trails. 

Charge: These dinosaurs use their heads to break Lego barriers.

Tail-Slam: Similar to Charge, this time a dinosaur breaks things with its tail. 

Goo Spit: Choose the Dilophosaurus and break things with a powerful spitting attack.

Rope/Vine Slash: This lets Raptors cut through Lego vines. 

Flight: Only Dimorphodons and Pteranodons can take to the skies. 

Swim: Select the Mosasaurus and go for a dip! 

Dino Strength: Certain dinosaurs can destroy almost anything. 

Quake: Big dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus crush things underfoot. 

Camouflage: Play as the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World and use stealth to surprise enemies.

Tiny Access: Select a Compy and fit the small dinosaur into specially marked areas.  

Dino Switches: Only the smartest dinosaurs can pull and bite switches to activate things.

Now we have a list of dinosaurs in Lego Jurassic World, complete with signature abilities.  

Small Dinosaurs 

Dinosaur Abilities
Velociraptor Pounce, Scent Tracking, Rope/Vine Slash, Dino Switch
Dilophosaurus Goo Spit
Gallimimus No ability
Compsognathus (Compy) Tiny Access
Troodon No ability
Pachycephalosaurus Charge

Baby Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Abilities
Baby Velociraptor No ability
Baby Triceratops Charge
Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex No ability
Baby Stegosaurus No ability

Medium Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Abilities
Triceratops Charge
Stegosaurus Tail-Slam
Parasauropholus No ability
Corythosaurus No ability
Ankylosaurus Tail-Slam

Large Dinosaurs 

Dinosaur Abilities
Tyrannosaurus Roar, Dino Strength
Apatosaurus Quake
Brachiosaurus Quake
Baryonyx Roar, Dino Strength
Spinosaurus Roar, Dino Strength
Indominus Rex Roar, Camouflage

Flying Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Abilities
Dimorphodon Fly
Pteradodon Fly, Pteradodon Switches

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