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LEGO The Hobbit Cheat Codes

by Prima Games Staff

Fans seem to like LEGO The Hobbit, thanks to the game’s user-friendly controls and outstanding presentation. They’re free to spend hours unlocking all of the characters, or they can snag a few the easy way using cheat codes.

How do I get cheat codes for LEGO The Hobbit?

Click here to take a short, five-minute survey about the game. You can also find this URL on the last page of the manual. After completing the survey, you’ll gain access to the following codes to unlock certain characters. You can also skip it and get the codes right now.

  • 84zzsu: Azog
  • xtvm8c: Baliman Butterbur
  • mxuxko: Braga

How do I enter cheat codes in LEGO The Hobbit?

Pause the game at any time, then select Extra Stuff. From there, enter the code using the Up and Down arrows. If done correctly, yellow text will flash on the screen, signifying that you unlocked the right character.

Now you’re ready for these LEGO The Hobbit beginner’s tips.

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