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LEGO The Hobbit Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Explore Bag End and The Misty Mountains in LEGO The Hobbit. Based on the first two films in The Hobbit trilogy, An Unexpected Journey and Desolation of Smaug, the game lets you control a number of characters from the movies, including Gandalf, Bilbo and all of the Dwarves. It’s beautiful, feature-packed and quite difficult with all of the puzzles. That’s why we’re here with beginner’s tips to help you with the earliest stages in the game. 

Destroy Everything

If you play LEGO games, then you already know the importance of smashing everything in sight. The more objects you break, the more LEGO studs you’ll obtain. Granted, you may need certain characters and weapons to make this happen, so it’s OK to leave something alone and return to it later once you unlock that particular hero. 

Tip: Early on you meet Dori. Use his flail weapon to yank objects. You can even use it to help characters cross treacherous terrain. While Dori swings, switch to another character, walk within range and tap the  A or X button depending on the platform to latch on. 

Press and Hold B or Circle to Build 

Similar to breaking stuff, be on the lookout for jumping LEGO pieces. This means you can build something that will either produce collectible items or create an object to solve a puzzle/advance through the game. 

Unleash Special Attacks

Each character in LEGO The Hobbit comes with a unique attack. Press and hold B or Circle depending on the platform to charge up, then release the button to attack. 

Tip: Complete LEGO builds for stud bonuses. 

Use the Character Wheel to Switch and Access the Inventory

You can always quick switch between characters by tapping the Y button. If you want more control, press and hold Y to bring up the character wheel, then use the left analog stick to select which hero you desire; this is especially useful with three characters in a party.  

In addition, you can access the Backpack and Loot with the character wheel on-screen. The Backpack contains different weapons, while Loot is exactly that, the items you collected along the way. You may need a certain weapon to solve a puzzle. 

Tip: Search for hidden LEGO hatches. These let you reach new areas. 

Collect LEGO Loot 

LEGO The Hobbit has a cool resource system that lets you construct must have items (think keys) using items picked up in the environment, such as rubies, wood, rope and stone. Approach an Anvil and the game lists the necessary item/number of items. From there, keep tapping the A or X button to add them to the recipe. If you don’t have all or enough of something, keep exploring. 

Tip: Use the pickaxe to mine LEGO loot from bricks. 

Remember to Buddy Up

At certain points, the game allows two characters to team up. When the opportunity presents itself, walk up to a character and tap B/Circle to buddy up.

Tip: Swap loot with traders to get the items you need. The bucket next to the trader displays how much he or she will give you.

Avoid Water

Characters don’t have particularly good swimming skills in LEGO The Hobbit. Fortunately, you can hop in nearby boats and explore at your leisure. 

LEGO The Hobbit is available now for your favorite video game platform.

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