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The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes Boss Guide

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to beat all of the boss monsters in Nintendo’s fashionable 3DS adventure, The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes. We provide step-by-step instructions for taking down each creature while at the same time pointing out attacks to avoid and ways to get more hearts in the game. 

World 1: The Woodlands 

Electric Blob King 

You encounter the Electric Blob King while completing Level 2: Buzz Blob Cave in Room 4. The battle kicks off with your adversary firing electric bolts traveling clockwise or counterclockwise. Simply follow the bolts in the right direction to avoid getting hit. 

To fight back, send an arrow towards the Electric Blob King’s red ball. Hit this red ball three times and the Blob King becomes taller, putting its weak point out of range. Respond by creating a Totem with two Links in order to reach it. Achieve three more hits and the boss becomes taller, forcing you to make the three-Link Totem. Four additional hits will get rid of the Blob King for good. 


You face Margoma in Level 4: Forest Temple. The fearsome creature spins towards the heroes and you should avoid its spikes at all costs. In fact, the monster won’t be able to hurt anyone so long as you hang out on the room’s east and west ramps behind the damaged boxes. Doing this, of course, won’t kill Margoma. Time to get your virtual hands dirty.

To hurt the boss, you need to strike its eye. Wait until Margoma stops and powers up. Immediately position Link near a wall, ramp or one of those aforementioned boxes. Wait until Margoma charges and get out of the way. When the boss runs into one of these objects a hole appears on its person, so quickly create a two Link Totem and chuck a bomb into the hole. 

This causes Margoma’s eye to appear and its spikes to momentarily disappear. Position the two Link Totem near the creature and toss the top player onto Margoma. This player should attack the eye until Margoma begins the shake. Jump off when this happens. 

Repeat the attack pattern a couple more times and Margoma grows in size. Similar to the Electric Blob King, this means you should create a Totem with three Links, but the basic strategy remains the same. Trick Margoma into slamming into an object, chuck a bomb into its hole and then attack the exposed eye. Do this a couple of times and the eyeball separates from the creature and bounces around. Attack until the eyeball blows up. Boss battle complete!

World 2: Riverside 

Electric Blob Queen 

Your date with the Electric Blob Queen takes place in Level 2: Abyss of Agony. It’s similar to the battle against the Electric Blob King, except the Queen will dive beneath the surface after you hit the red ball a few times. When this happens, rely on the Water Rod to make her resurface. She also electrifies the water, so be careful! 

We suggest hanging out on the platforms near the walls since you won’t take damage from the Blob Queen; put on the Kokiri Clothes and hit her with three arrows per shot. When she grows a second time, form a two-Link Totem to continue the assault. 

After hitting the red ball four times she goes underwater again, so have the Link with the Water Rod unleash a pillar of water directly beneath the boss. This makes her grow larger, but you can pick up a Link wearing Kokiri Clothes to reach the red ball. Shoot her four times and she flees underwater, prompting you to do the exact same thing, then create the three-Link Totem to finish her off for good; another four blasts should do it. 


You meet up with the eight-eyed Arrghus at the end of Level 4: Water Temple, and the boss has three phases. With phase one, it sits in the middle of the pool and unleashes those eyeballs in your direction. We suggest splitting up so you and your partners form a triangle on the game board. 

When ready, two of the Links should use their Gripshots to pull Arrghus’ eyes towards them, which gives these players the chance to get in some hack and slash. Each eye requires two hits, and in all likelihood the monster will yank them away the first time around. Thankfully, the remaining Link has the Water Rod. 

Arrghus’ eyeballs will begin to encircle its body, and Water Rod Link needs to pluck them from the water and attack. This should be enough to destroy each eye you strike.

Keep doing this until all of the eyeballs are gone. This will cause the water level to go down and the platforms you’re on will retract. Now Arrghus will circle around the area firing its regrown eyeballs. The key here is to stun the eyes and then attack. Repeat the Gripshot approach or rely on the Water Rod to create pillars. Either way works fine, and when all of the eyeballs go down Arrghus launches phase three. 

Now you must deal with a quicker boss. Arrghus reveals its true eye and attempts to kill the team with eight dark rings. You know the rings are about to appear if there’s a charging sound. Avoid this at all costs, since the player who takes damage wont be able to use his or her Sub-Weapon for a brief period of time.

To fight back, create a three-Link totem, with the top Link holding the Gripshot. Have this Link fire the Gripshot when Arrghus opens this one eye. Do it successfully and you’ll briefly stun the creature, which is the best time to attack before it gets back up again. Do this a few more times and Arrghus will fall! 

World 3: Volcano 


You meet up with the mighty Moldorm on Level 4 of the Fire Temple. All three players appear on a separate platform, and you must join in the center of this area to begin the boss fight. 

Moldorm begins the battle by shooting light from its eyeballs, and the color of said light corresponds with the creature’s intended target. When this happens the monster will move towards the same player, which presents the opportunity for the remaining Links to run up and strike Moldorm from the rear, but don’t swing blind. Wait until Moldorm fully extends its tail and an orb, the enemy’s weak point; hang out by the tail until the orb is visible. Do not hesitate! 

After landing some hits, Moldorm brings its tail into the air and you must create a two-Link Totem in order to reach the orb. Not only does this limit the number of attacks you can land, but you risk Moldorm turning its attention to one of the Links in the Totem. If this happens immediately switch to the remaining Link. Moldorm will touch the Totem and then go after the Link you switched to, allowing the two-Link Totem to resume the attack. Unfortunately this means having the one Link distract Moldorm long enough for his or her buddies to damage the boss. 

Eventually Moldorm will become less predictable and bounce around the play area. Form the three-Link Totem and hit its tail to defeat this adversary. 

World 4: Ice Cavern 


The first thing you’ll notice are the icicles in the room, in particular the two with hearts inside. Use your Fire Gloves to melt those icicles and top off your health. After doing this, proceed north. Assemble the team in the middle of the area and the intimidating Freezlord will appear. 

On the positive side, this creature remains in the same place during most of the battle. Begin by lobbing fireballs in its direction; similarly, you can throw a boomerang at the lit torches and have this weapon strike the Freezlord, though doing this is trickier. 

You know you damaged the boss if its targeted body parts flash white; focus on its arms and back, since it’s tough to get fireballs and the boomerang into its mouth. Continue doing this and those parts will fall off. 

Freezlord’s offense consists icy breath.  The creature will spin in a circular direction, stop moving and unleash icy breath in the other direction; if it moves clockwise, the attack will move counterclockwise. Stay away from the breath and the Freezlord’s mouth. Also, avoid the frigid pool near the boss so your Link doesn’t get frozen. 

Each time a body part falls off, it chases you. Run away to avoid being frozen or use the Fire Gloves to remove this nuisance from battle. Destroy them all and the pool will disappear, prompting the Freezlord to leap into the air and attempt to squash the closest Link. Once it returns to the ground another ice pool will form. It does this three times and then resumes the cold breath attack. You should respond by continuing the Fire Glove attacks, watching the Freezlord melt before your eyes. 

Wait until the breath stops and quickly approach the boss, then press and hold the Y button to pull out a fireball for continuous damage. This speeds up the melting process. Rely on this strategy and the Freezlord will become one big drip. 


Blizzagia waits for you at the end of Level 4: Ice Temple. Similar to the fight against the Freezlord, you’ll see hearts trapped in ice, giving you the chance to refill lost health before the battle.  

When the fight begins, Blizzagia uses tunnels to hide. When it reappears, the creature breathes and its eyes begin to flash. From there, it will quickly move forward and try to bite players in range. After the bite attack presumably fails, quickly move in and go on the offensive. Use your Fire Gloves or Hammers to melt the ice on Blizzagia’s backside to score additional hearts if needed. Otherwise, focus your attention on the monster’s head and nail this body part with your Magic Hammer. Stick to the middle of the area because doing this increases the chance of hitting the head. Steer clear of the tunnels. 

Do this until Blizzagia’s mask cracks. The creature then freezes the ground, and the Cozy Parka will keep you from slipping.  

With Blizzagia out in the open, strike the creature’s body using the Magic Hammer to briefly halt its movement. Then have someone else target the head. When playing solo, you’ll need to switch Links. Be cautious, though. Coming in contact with Blizzagia’s tail will freeze and damage the unlucky player. That said, wearing the Cozy Parka eliminates this threat. 

Score five or six more hits to shatter the creature’s mask. From there, you need to go after the large gem on the snake’s head. Go with your sword or the Fire Gloves.

This is when Blizzagia goes a little nuts and becomes difficult to predict.  Make sure you avoid the head whenever the monster’s eyes flash, which signals an incoming attack. Instead remain in the south, which causes the monster to go to you. This may sound crazy, but it makes the fight somewhat easier. 

Do not deviate from the battle plan. Use the Magic Hammer to stun Blizzagia and hit its gem.  Eventually the boss will fall!  

World 5: Fortress 

The Hinnox Brothers 

You’ll need to deal with these bomb-tossing bozos at the end of Level 2: Bomb Storage, but with these tips, you’ll bring them down with ease. Besides, there’s no mine cart this time around, which means you should have little trouble avoiding their bombs. 

Hinnox the Eldest and Hinnox the Elder appear from the second and fourth windows of the northernmost building. Instead of welcoming you, they chuck bombs in your direction.  Equip the Gust Jar and use this item to send the bombs back towards the Hinnox Brothers. If you want, tell the Bomb Link to position him or herself on one of the steel rectangles to the right or left of each boss, then toss a bomb onto the middle piece of steel. Then the Link with the Gust Jar can blow the bomb in their direction. 

The above strategy will end the fight quickly, or so you thought. Now it’s time to deal with Li’l Hinnox, who enjoys tossing oversized explosives. Use the Gust Jar quite a few times to get these humongous bombs into position, then wait until they’re ready to blow. Now do an air blast to send them towards Li’l Hinnox for massive damage! This is the best way to take him down, but beware the Hardhat Beetles coming from the right and left sides of the screen. They get in the way. Mind these guys, stick to the script and Li’l Hinnox will croak. 

Tip: If you’re low on health, create a three-Link Totem and move towards the platforms on the right and left. Have the top Link jump off and then break the pots to find hearts. 

The Lady’s Pets 

Once you reach the end of Level 4 you enter The Lady’s Lair. Despite wanting to crush this diabolical villain, you’ll first need to deal with her minions. These guys shouldn’t pose much of a challenge since they’re little more than repackaged versions of Margoma, Moldorm and Arrghus, in that order. Despite subtle tweaks in appearance and attacks, you can use the same strategies to defeat these enemies. 

Take Margoma, for instance. Yes it wears a tablecloth and spins around to blow Link backwards with wind, but you still toss bombs into the opening in its head and then attack the creature’s eyeball. 

Next up is Moldorm. You’ll see fire on its face and its tail is higher, but you can still form a two-Link Totem to hit its tail, and then a three-Link Totem near the end of the fight. 

Finally there’s Arrghus. This time around the monster has Fire and Ice eyeballs. Use the bombs situated around the room to blow up those eyeballs. You can also push the Ice eyeballs off the platform, and extinguish the Fire eyes with the Gust Jar before attacking them. 

When all of the eyes are gone, create a three-Link Totem and focus on the red jewel, striking it with a Sub-Weapon or Bomb. After stunning Arrghus, allow the top Link to leap onto the ground and hack the monster a bit. Do this a few more times and you’ll complete The Lady’s Pets encounter. 

World 6: The Dunes 

Vulture Vizier 

Your reward for reaching the end of Level 2: Stone Corridors is a meet up with this bird brain. The fight itself is fairly simple. Balancing all three Links on the platform is the toughest part. 

The Vulture Vizier hangs out on the left and right sides of this area. The left side is lower than the right, so you’ll either be on the lower or higher side depending on its location. 

At times the boss will send air bursts your way, and getting struck by one pushes you and the other Links backwards. Vulture Vizier also has a nasty habit of striking the platform with its beak, causing the platform to become tough to balance upon. 

In an interesting twist, two Links are all you need to defeat Vulture Vizier.  Have the Boomerang Link do the heavy lifting. Form a two-Link Totem and move to the middle of the platform. When you get there, toss the Link to the other side of the platform away from the boss; if Vulture Vizier is on the right, throw Link left. 

With that out of the way, tell the Boomerang Link to rock his side of the platform by walking back and forth. Depending on Vulture’s position (high or low), chuck the Boomerang at the creature. Successful hits result in the monster bringing its head down. 

If Vulture Vizier flies across the platform, Boomerang the Dopple Link and stand on a solid platform to the south. This is to avoid the cat statues dropped onto the platform, which may send one or both players plummeting. 

Keep doing this until the boss flashes red and falls into the middle of the area. Attack with your sword until it’s dead.


Make it all the way to Level 4: Desert Temple and your prize is a matchup against this bag of bones. The boss tosses its bones around the area and has the ability to create shockwaves with its mace. You want to strike from the back, between the bone and the mace attacks. This causes the Stalchampion to hop on one of its feet. Strike once more (use the Boomerang) and it falls apart. 

With the Stalchampion in pieces, deliver the pain with the Hammer while keeping a close eye on the rolling mace. When you see the creature begin to piece itself back together, run away to avoid the coming shockwave. 

Do this for a little while and the Stalchampion becomes more aggressive. Move everyone off the platform in the middle, since there’s a much larger shockwave on the way. 

In this stage of the battle, the boss moves at a faster pace and you may have trouble striking its back. Have all the Links go their separate ways, and when Stalchampion focuses on one character, have the others attack. 

Repeat the process of dealing damage after Stalchampion falls apart and then fleeing when it reattaches its limbs. Eventually you’ll do so much damage only the head will survive and float around, on fire of course. Create a three-Link Totem, but make sure the Boomerang Link is the top one. Chuck the Boomerang at the creature’s head. This temporarily puts out the flames, giving you the chance to attack without taking damage. Repeat this strategy to send this bony adversary to the grave.

World 7: The Ruins

Grim Repoe

Once you reach the end of Level 2: Palace Noir, each Link appears in a different area of the room. Meeting up at the center causes three Poes to materialize. They run away whenever someone gets close, so use the alcoves to group them together, then attack. 

After slaying the three Poes, the boss appears. Grim Repoe vanishes shortly afterwards, and the only thing you’ll see is its scythe.  Have the Link wearing the Fire Gloves light the torches, which causes the Grim Repoe to rejoin the party.

Now use the Gust Jar to nail Grim Repoe with a powerful blast of air, leaving the monster vulnerable. Run up to it and attack! This eventually results in Grim Repoe blowing out the lights and vanishing again. 

In this portion of the battle, Grim Repoe will attempt to use a spin attack to blow out the torches. Put on the Kokiri Clothes and light one torch, then shoot arrows through the lit torch towards the remaining two. Now hit Repoe where it hurts!

Stick to this battle pan and you’ll make short work of the boss.


Congratulations on making it to the end of Level 4: Grim Temple, but you still have the boss to deal with. Before taking on Prismantus, smash the skulls and cut the bushes in search of some hearts if you need more health. Ready? Let’s do this! 

This boss fight is all about color coordination. Prismantus has three limbs, each one with a different colored orb attached that corresponds to each Link. The red Link needs to focus on the red orb, the blue Link on the blue orb and the green Link on the green orb. Have each player strike their matching orb two times.   

Prismantus spins during the initial phase. If he begins moving faster than usual, avoid the creature at all costs and wait for it to slow down. When this happens, it is relatively safe to attack. 

After hitting all three orbs they become dark in color, and you must toss a Link onto one of the creature’s limbs. From there, this player should hit the monster’s eye. Eventually Prismantus regains its bearings, throws the Link to the ground and stands up and rolls around, making it difficult to hit the orbs. We suggest waiting until it stops moving and then go on the attack. Hit the two orbs on the bottom, then create a three-Link Totem to reach the top one. 

Damage all three orb to stun Prismantus, then repeat the process of throwing one Link onto the monster and attacking the eye. 

Prismantus comes to, sends the one Link flying and stands on one limb. Make sure you hang out near the monster’s backside to avoid the laser it fires from the eye. 

Don’t attack while Prismantus is on the move. Let it stomp around until the creature stops. Now form a three-Link Totem and deal with the orbs one at a time.

When you finally deactivate the three orbs, Prismantus falls over. Throw a Link onto the beast and this player should be able to deal the final blow. 

World 8: Sky Realm 


Before squaring off against Gigaleon at the end of Level 2: Deception Castle, break the pots and pick up hearts if you need some health. Now proceed to the middle of this area to begin the battle. 

Gigaleon remains in the air and attempts to hit you with fire; you should be able to dodge these projectiles with little effort. Now have Gust Jar Link hang out near the four turbines. Wait until Gigaleon is above a turbine and then use the Gust Jar to stun the creature.

With Gigaleon incapacitated, have Gripshot Link grab a bomb from the Bomb Flowers patch and then toss this explosive onto the corresponding turbine.  Keep doing this until Gigaleon launches the next phase of the battle. 

Unfortunately this results in the boss eliminating the Bomb Flowers, but you have the skills to defeat Gigaleon with your trusty sword. Wait until the creature flips over, revealing it eye. Also, beware the fire! 

Once again, tell Gust Jar Link to repeat the turbine strategy. This time, however, you want to throw a different Link onto this turbine so he or she is able to attack Gigaleon’s eyeball. 

Stick to this strategy and Gigaleon will eventually land on the ground. Now attack with your sword to win the battle. 

The Lady 

After spending an untold number of hours playing TriForce Heroes, you finally made it to the end of Level 4: Sky Temple and the intense showdown with The Lady, who kicks things off playing unfairly. She immediately takes all of your Sub-Weapons. To find out which outfits we suggest wearing for this fight, read the official Prima TriForce Heroes guide

From there, The Lady surrounds herself with a ring. Respond by creating a three-Link Totem and throw two players over the ring. Have these two people create a two-Link Totem and get behind her. Beware the parasols! 

When the coast is relatively clear, toss one Link behind The Lady. This Link should attack like mad until The Lady uses her parasol to get rid of this player, and you should respond by repeating the process over again. 

Over time the platform The Lady stands on lowers and she becomes aggressive. You’ll see a lightning bolt above her head, and the color corresponds to one of the Links, and her intended target. 

Have this Link lure The Lady away from the group. The other Links should run up and hit her from behind, and she’ll instantly go after the player who attacked last. The strategy remains the same. Now this player distracts The Lady while the others strike. 

Keep doing this until the Lady forms a ball of electricity and throws it at one of the players, who should respond by striking this ball and sending it back to the boss. Keep doing this and the ball will become larger, and at some point she’ll get stunned. This is when Sword Suit Link (and only Sword Suit Link) should quickly approach and attack. You will need to do this more than once. 

Now you entered the final phase. The Lady uses her parasol to create different colored platforms, and you must throw the Links who match these colors and these players attack her head. Sticking close together is the best way to reach her head as fast as possible. 

Eventually The Lady throws some parasols around (they spin), and you can avoid taking damage by hanging out within the red circles located around the room’s perimeter.  

When lightning bolts start to appear, make sure everyone’s on the ground to avoid taking damage from the giant bolts. Her parasols vanish, and you will need to wait for new ones. 

Strike her noggin a few times and she becomes even more ticked off. She folds up the parasols and sticks them into the ground. Lightning strikes each parasol and from this, rings of electricity appear. Stay away from the biggest lightning strikes and you’ll be OK.

Now she creates new parasol platforms, giving you the chance to climb up and hit her head. Do this a few times and the platform she’s on grows higher, making her tougher to reach. Create a three-Link Totem and get on one of the lower platforms, which takes you near her head. Also, beware the electrified parasols. 

This portion of the fight is the most hectic and you should play conservatively. Hang out near the edges of the room and wait for the best time to step onto a lower platform. Patience and conservative play will result in The Lady’s timely demise. 

Prima’s official guide for The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes contains images of the different phases for each boss battle, along with recommended outfits and other tips.

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