The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD | How to Change the Time of Day

No, you can't just loiter until sundown

Oddly enough, considering how much criticism was levied against the original Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword because of its tutorializing, there are a few weird omissions in the new version. Some early elements of the game aren’t really explained, or aren’t explained clearly enough if you aren’t paying close attention. For example, how does the time of day work in this game?

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Unlike other Zelda games, Skyward Sword HD doesn’t have an automatic day/night time of day cycle. You can’t just stand around and wait for the sun to go down, even though you could totally do that in other games. Instead, you actually have to send Link to bed! This is especially important after you complete the Skyview Temple dungeon, as upon returning to Skyloft you have to complete a task at night.

To change between day or night in Skyward Sword HD, you have to find a bed. The most obvious place is, of course, in Link’s room back at the Knight Academy in Skyloft. That said, you can also find a bed in the Lumpy Pumpkin or in Beedle’s Airshop. Once you hop into bed, you can choose to sleep until morning or night time. After that all you do is wake up and go about your business… almost.

If you change the time of day to night, you actually can’t fly around anymore. After all, your Loftwing has to get some rest too. So if you need to be somewhere in Skyloft at night, you need to make sure that’s where you’re stopping to snooze. Sleeping in the Airshop will take you to Beedle’s home at night for example, where you can’t leave until you go back and sleep until morning. But, perhaps, there are certainly reasons to check that spot out.

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