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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds- Top 10 Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds makes for a great holiday gift. Not only is it a lot of fun, but also extremely challenging. If you get stuck, check out Prima’s free walkthrough. In the meantime, these tips will help you get past the game’s toughest moments.

10.) Learn How to Block

You won’t learn Link’s merging ability until a bit later, so blocking is your best line of defense when starting off. Once you obtain a shield, hold the R button to protect yourself from foes and their projectiles, as well as booby-traps in dungeons. This can prevent you from falling, and most importantly, you have a better chance to keep your life meter full.

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9.) Talk to People

A Link Between Worlds is glorified by beautiful landscapes, dungeons and a variety of characters. Chatting with the bee character in Kakariko Village, for example, could win you the Net that grants Link the ability to catch fairies and bees and then store them in a bottle. You may receive complements by talking to people. Additionally, many folks tend to give Link helpful hints in your exploration. This can be clues to hidden areas, hidden phrases or open up a side quest. Don’t be shy. Have a conversation.

8.) Use the 3D Feature

This Zelda title is gorgeous to look at, especially in 3D. It’s not always about looks, though – the 3D can come in handy when executing a jump, or aid you with perception. There are two areas in the game that have ruthless routes; the Ore Mine and the Ice Cavern. These require you to leap off platforms and land with precise timing. Not sure how far you have to jump or how steep the leap is? Snap on the 3D to get a better look.

7.) Use Your Map

Your map shows a lot of things: the overworld, the dungeon layouts and even Link himself. In most cases, your next destination (for the main quest) is always marked as an X on the map, so you’ll never have the feeling of being lost. Further in the game, it gets a little more complicated; all of the dungeons are pinned and require special items to enter. Use the touchscreen to zoom if needed. The biggest asset of using your map is for the dungeons. They’re all tricky and require great thinking to conquer, but obtaining the compass can be a savior. With it, every single chest in that dungeon will be marked on the map.

6.) Save Your Game

Ever venture into a dungeon and complete several puzzles, only to die and lose your progress? We’re sure you’re familiar with Between World’s weather vanes, which are introduced to you at the beginning of the adventure. You are required to find them first, and there are plenty of them scattered throughout Hyrule and Lorule. Do not ignore these. Instead, visit them often and take a break if needed. For each dungeon, defeating the mini-boss will spawn a warp point leading back to the dungeon’s entrance. This is a quick and easy chance to head outside for another save. Not only that, but each weather vane you discover will be pinpointed on your map and act as fast-traveling points once you meet the witch, Irene. Forget about walking!

5.) Search for Cash

Rupees are Link’s dough. Without cash, you won’t be capable of renting or buying items from Ravio – or complete the game, for that matter. Luxurious Rupees are located in the dungeons or hidden caves; some chests hold Silver or Gold Rupees. Take your time in the dungeons and open every chest. You never know what will be inside. Rupees can also be found in grass, bushes, pots or hanging in the trees. Slash or dash into the environment’s objects. It may not seem like much, but it adds up in the long run.

Now we’ll tell you how to get more Rupees.

4.) Visit Ravio’s Shop

New to the Zelda formula, Between Worlds does not require you to claim a special weapon or item in each dungeon (some, however, do hold special treasures). Instead, you’re given the opportunity to rent and later buy items from the bunny-eared fellow, Ravio. This includes all of the main weapons in the game, from the Ice Rod to the Boomerang. This is mandatory, because each dungeon can only be accessed by a certain item. All these items play a big part in both Hyrule and Lorule. Distant weapons (such as the Boomerang) allow you to trigger unreachable objects or switches. The Hookshot becomes helpful in crossing bridges or getting over steep cliffs. Bombs let you blast switches, open hidden or cracked passages and the magic rods can pin down, freeze or burn foes that require more strategy. Ravio’s selections all come at a price, but it’s worth it! Keep in mind that every item relies on your power meter and depletes with each use. 

3.) Upgrade Link’s Arsenal

Many of Link’s tools and weapons can be upgraded by collecting Mama Maimai’s babies. Each time you bring back 10 Maimai babies to Mama Maimai (her cave his located just north of Lake Hylia, blow the cracked entrance with a bomb), she’ll reward you by upgrading a weapon of your choice. Want your Sand Rod with unlimited duration? Upgrade it after gathering 10 Maimais. All of Ravio’s items can be tuned-up for a more impactful effect. On top of that, collecting well-hidden Master Ores can increase the Master Sword’s power, making your battles more forgiving with additional damage from your blade. Lastly, there are two additional tunics for Link you can find in Lorule’s dungeons: the Blue and Red Tunic. The suits increase your defense significantly, allowing Link to endure more damage.

Find the Pegasus Boots!

2.) Explore Both Worlds

Zelda is well-known for its enjoyable exploration. Perhaps you want to increase Link’s health capacity, so you’ll need to scavenge for Heart Pieces. Maybe you need to carry some extra health – an empty bottle can store fairies and potions. Or maybe you just feel the need to wander off in Hyrule for the heck of it. This is a natural habit you should get used to rather quickly, because Between Worlds has a ton of secrets and gems that can benefit your journey. There are three important items you should scout for at the beginning so you can explore Hyrule thoroughly: the Power Glove, the Pegasus Boots and the Flippers. Once you’ve gained Link’s merging ability (and Ravio’s items), venturing around will be cake; later on, the Titan’s Mitt will expand your options. More so, both Hyrule and Lorule act as a magic mirror – they intertwine with each other. For instance, let’s say there’s a chest resting on top of an inaccessible cliff in Hyrule. Try warping to Lorule and locate the same spot. It may be reachable in the second world. Another warp point nearby will shift you back to Hyrule — and perhaps land you on top of that cliff.

Where’s the Power Glove? Right here!

1.) Become a Painting and Merge Around

Dashing, thrusting or swimming isn’t the only way to get around in A Link Between Worlds. The newest (and coolest) feature is Link’s ability to merge into walls as a painting. This technique plays an important act in getting around dungeons, cliffs and other obstacles. If there happens to be a pit you cannot cross, per say, try merging into the wall and slipping around it. Merging is required to access the fissure portals and warp between the two worlds. Most dungeons require you to slip around the walls as a drawing, because many times you’ll find switches unreachable without this method. Link’s painting form can also be beneficial in combat, allowing you to dodge attacks from all directions. This includes boss battles, and – not to spoil anything – becomes crucial in the final fight of the game.

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