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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds- Lost Maiamais 51-75

by Prima Games Staff

There are plenty of secrets and hidden collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Chief among them, Maiamais, the strangely named and odd creatures scattered throughout Hyrule and Lorule. To find these critters, you must first rent bombs from Ravio, then use the explosives to gain access to a cave located to the east of Link’s house. In fact, there’s a sign just outside the entrance warning of something mysterious living inside.   

Thankfully, Mother Maiamai is kind and not in the mood to snack on Link. Instead, she gives you the Maiamai Map that shows the locations of all 100 lost Maiamais. Catching these little guys, though, will take some brain power. You don’t simply walk up to them. Instead, you’ll need to merge into walls, dash into objects and even utilize special items like the Tornado Rod to blow away Tornado Tiles, Zora’s Flippers to swim and the Sand Rod to uncover Maiamais.  That said, we already posted how to find Maiamais 1-25 and 26-50, so here are the best ways to track down 51-75.  

How to find all the lost Maiamais. 

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Lost Maiamai #51 (Thieves’ Town & Lorule Castle): The Maiamai is stuck to Lorule Castle’s exterior wall. Look for it on the southeast corner. 

Lost Maiamai #52 (Thieves’ Town & Lorule Castle): While in the Southern Ruins, look for a pond. The Maiamai is underneath the water. 

Lost Maiamai #53 (Thieves’ Town & Lorule Castle): Clearly visible on top of a pillar in the Southern Ruins. 

Lost Maiamai #54 (Thieves’ Town & Lorule Castle): It’s on a wall in the northeast corner of the Southern Ruins.

Lost Maiamai #55 (Skull Woods): While in Lorule, you’ll find the Maiamai stuck to a storage shed near Sahasrahla’s home.

Lost Maiamai #56 (Skull Woods): Stuck on a wall to the north of Sahasrahla’s house. 

Lost Maiamai #57 (Skull Woods): Trapped on a wall in the Moblin pit. 

Lost Maiamai #58 (Skull Woods): Inside bushes between a “V” of trees.

Lost Maiamai #59 (Skull Woods): Hidden inside a tree south of the shack of Lorule’s version of the Miner’s House.

Lost Maiamai #60 (Skull Woods): Underneath a skull in the northwest corner of the woods.

Lost Maiamai #61 (Skull Woods): The Maiamai is in some tall grass east of the fissure pillar.

Lost Maiamai #62 (Lorule Lake): Trapped on a wall south of the Lakeside Item Shop.

Lost Maiamai #63 (Lorule Lake): Beneath the water just east of the dungeon. 

Lost Maiamai #64 (Lorule Lake): Stuck on the southern wall, located on the east bank of the lake.

Lost Maiamai #65 (Lorule Lake): This Maiamai is underneath a skull on the high north ledge of the lake’s east bank. To get it, climb the ladder and then merge around the wall. You’ll pass above a fissure. 

Lost Maiamai #66 (Graveyard): On a wall north of the Graveyard.

Lost Maiamai #67 (Graveyard): Hidden inside of a tree to the east of the Graveyard, close to the east chasm.

Lost Maiamai #68 (Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain): Stuck on a cliff north of the Graveyard. Use a bomb to blast open a fissure in Lorule, then travel through the fissure. 

Lost Maiamai #69 (Dark Ruins): To the west of the Dark Ruins is a tall rock near an area filled with Slaroks. That’s where the Maiamai is.

Lost Maiamai #70 (Dark Ruins): Hidden inside of a tree in the southwest corner of the region, near a chasm.

Lost Maiamai #71 (Dark Ruins): Inside of a tree south of the Dark Ruins’ entrance.

Lost Maiamai #72 (Dark Ruins): Stuck on a wall inside the Dark Ruins, near the entrance.

Lost Maiamai #73 (Dark Ruins): Look for the Maiamai on a wall in the region’s southeast area; you’ll need to take the southeast exit from the Dark Ruins. Merge and go counterclockwise around the upper cliff to get it. 

Lost Maiamai #74 (Dark Ruins): The Maiamai is located roughly halfway through the Dark Ruins, trapped on a wall near a piece of heart and green braziers.

Lost Maiamai #75 (Dark Ruins): The Maiamai is hidden in tall grass on a high ledge, with a fissure just near the ledge’s base. It’s along the same route as Zora’s Domain in Hyrule, and you’ll need to merge in order to reach it.

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