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The Legend of Zelda Cheats and Tips – NES Classic Edition

by Prima Games Staff

The Legend of Zelda released in 1986 on the original NES. Now, over three decades later the game returns to homes everywhere with the NES Classic Edition. Sparking the beginning of over thirty years of high-fantasy lore and stories, The Legend of Zelda was an instant classic for Nintendo fans. In this article we’ll tackle the king of high-fantasy and show you some easy cheats and tips you can use to help Link rescue Princess Zelda from the clutches of Ganon.

How to Refill Your Red Water of Life

If you picked up a Red Water of Life and used it, you’ll noted that it turned blue. This means you only have one more use out of it before it vanishes. You can easily refill it though by purchasing a new Blue Water of Life. This allows you to save Rupees and use them on other things you might need during your adventure.

How to Kill Gohma Easily

Having trouble taking down Gohma? While this might be one of the tougher bosses in the game, you can use a quick trick to easily kill Gohma with just one hit. Before you head into the room where you have to fight Gohma, ready your bow and arrows. Then, when you first enter the room, immediately shoot the arrow at the eye directly in front of you. This will score a massive critical hit on the boss and kill him instantly, clearing the boss stage without any issues.

How to Activate Automatic Health Restoration

Running low on health? Visit the nearest Great Fairy or Lake so you can restore your life. When you approach the lake or Fairy you’ll instantly start gaining back health. If you press start while it is refilling and enter the selection screen, your health will continue to refill. Now you need to pick up a controller plugged into Controller port 2 and press Up and A at the same time to return to the game’s Save Menu. Save the game, and then reload into the newly saved file to find your entire health bar filled. By default the lakes and Great Fairy will only give you three hearts worth of healing.

How to Undo Bubble Curse Instantly

Tired of getting hit with the Bubble Curse effect? You can instantly heal yourself of this curse by using a little known secret. When you are touched by a flashing bubble, instead of waiting for the curse to wear off on its own, immediately blow Link’s whistle. The moment that you stop playing it you will be able to use your sword again, thereby instantly curing you of the curse.

How to Skip to the Entrance of the Second Quest

If you’ve already played the first quest and are starting a new game, or you just want to skip ahead a little bit, you can enter the word Zelda in the name entry screen to instantly start at the entrance of the second quest area. This is useful for players who already know how to beat the first quest and just want to skip ahead a little bit, but we wouldn’t suggest this passcode to new players of the game.

The Legend of Zelda is a classic and it’s great to see it once more available via the NES Classic Edition. You can learn more about the secrets of the 30 NES games in the Classic Edition by heading over to our NES Classic Edition guide. You can also take a look at all the secrets in Super Mario Bros. to find out more cool stuff about another classic NES title.

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