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Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Increase Inventory Space, Hestu Locations, The Priceless Maracas

by Bryan Dawson

Anything you use to attack enemies with will break frequently in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For this reason it’s important to carry as many armaments as possible. Unfortunately, your inventory is limited which means you can only carry a select few armaments. This article covers how to increase inventory size in Zelda: Breath of the Wild with Hestu (sometimes incorrectly spelled “Hetsu”) by adding more inventory slots to give you more space. We also cover where you can find Hestu locations after you complete the Priceless Maracas side quest. The location of Hestu changes throughout the game so it’s important to know where you can find Hestu. With things breaking all the time, it’s important that you can carry more things and expand your inventory!

The Priceless Maracas

In order to increase your inventory size you must complete the quest, The Priceless Maracas. After you pass the Dueling Peaks and cross Kakariko Bridge, the path curves east as you work around the Pillars of Levia. Just as the path curves east and heads up the hill, you’ll see Hestu to the right of the path. Hestu is in trouble because his maracas have been stolen.

After speaking with Hestu continue up the path and into the small opening to the right. Defeat the enemies within and open the chest to find the maracas. Head back to Hestu and speak with him one more time to return the maracas, but now Hestu needs Korok seeds. If you’ve been following our video play-through of the game, you should already have quite a few Korok seeds in your inventory.

Speak with Hestu again to complete the quest and expand one portion of your inventory. You can increase the size of your weapon, bow or shield stash by one slot. The first increase to each inventory area will cost you one Korok seed, the second will cost two seeds, the third will cost three seeds, but the fourth will cost five seeds, and the fifth will cost eight seeds. That means you can upgrade each area once and it will only cost one seed each time, but the second time you upgrade the same inventory stash the seed cost increases.

If you haven’t found any Korok seeds yet, they’re generally hidden in forest areas or around trees. You can even find a few under rocks or by solving metal box puzzles randomly placed on the side of mountains and cliffs around Hyrule. The Korok are hidden in a variety of places, but each one will give you a Korok seed once found.

Hestu Upgrade Cost

  • 1st Upgrade – 1 Seed
  • 2nd Upgrade – 2 Seeds
  • 3rd Upgrade – 3 Seeds
  • 4th Upgrade – 5 Seeds
  • 5th Upgrade – 8 Seeds
  • 6th Upgrade – 12 Seeds
  • 7th Upgrade – 17 Seeds

Other Hestu Locations

You can increase your inventory size twice at the location where you first meet Hestu. At that point he will leave and state that he’s heading north to Korok Forest, which can be found to the far north, just beyond the Hylia River. However, that is not where he actually goes, at least not yet. He will appear at location 2 or location 3 listed below. As long as you don’t speak with Hestu AND use all five inventory upgrades you can get at either location, he will remain at both places. Once you use up all five upgrades, he will move on to the Lost Woods (location 4).

Hestu Location 2 – Hestu’s second location is at the Wetland Stable located northwest of Kakariko Village as seen on the map below. When you reach the stable, look toward the northeast and you’ll find Hestu next to a tree on the right. He will remain at this location for several upgrades before moving on again.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Hestu Location 2

Hestu Location 3 – You can find Hestu a third time at the Riverside Stable due west of Kakariko Village and right next to the Wahgo Katta shrine, on the far southeast side of the Central Hyrule region. Once again he will upgrade your inventory several times before moving on to another location.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Hestu Location 3

Hestu Location 4 – Hestu’s final location appears to be Korok Village in the Lost Woods (Great Hyrule Forest) far west of Death Mountain. Once you find Hestu here he will continue to increase your inventory size if you give him Korok seeds. Of course if we find that Hestu appears anywhere else we will continue to update this article.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Hestu Location 4

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