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League of Legends Leak Details New Champion, Samira, and Her Abilities

by Liana Ruppert

One League of Legends insider is weighing in on the leaked Samira champion, saying the newest character is “jawdropping” after peeking her kit early. Samira is the rumored next champion up for the popular MOBA, making her the 151st champion to join the roster. One leaker is claiming to have gotten their hands her kit early and to say that they were impressed seems to be a massive understatement. 

Streamie is a Brazilian content creator known for sharing spicy leaks and they’ve previously leaked Yone’s introduction in the past as well as Lilia and the Spirit Blossom event. While Riot hasn’t confirmed the newest champion yet, Streamie alleges that Samira has an ability that Katarina mains will feel comfortable with. 

According to a recent video (with translations provided by Reddit), Streamie claims that she has seen both the newest champion’s abilities and art. They also believe that Samira will  be arriving in two updates, for patch 10.19. Streamie also mentioned that people have got Samira “completely wrong” with previous rumors, something that they clarified in the following live stream.

Streamie described Samira as a “female Rambo but hot” with a heavy guerrilla vibe but that aspect that people got “completely wrong” is that she’s not from Noxux, but from Shurima instead. According to a recent translation, “Samira has 2 main weapons; a pistol and a dagger. She also has a machine gun that she uses for her ultimate ability. Her daggers look like Katarina’s but longer. Her attacks alternate between her pistol and a dagger.” 

The rumored champion also has an ability that protects her from damage, like Irelia’s W. According to the Reddit translation, “Samira’s ultimate is a combination of Katarina’s R, Urgot’s R and Nunu’s R. She’ll start spinning and shooting bullets from her machine gun as well as throw multiple daggers. Her ultimate will have a “style meter” depending on how many enemies she’s hitting with it or how many champions she kills with it. It has a “rose” motif, the rose has 5 petals and “blooms” when she’s hitting all 5 enemy champions.”

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She may sound a little convoluted, but Streamie assures League fans that she’s both easy and enjoyable to play. Because of her more “sexy” nature, Streamie also thinks that Samira will have a lot of new skin opportunities that will “sell really well.” 

Are you excited to learn more about Samira, the next rumored League of Legends champion? Do you like to dagger/gun combo or do you think that’s not what the game needs right now? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear what you think! 

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