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League of Legends: Samira Abilities Guide

by Lucas White

So yeah, a lot of this stuff leaked already. But the leaks were only vague and descriptive. Now, the newest League of Legends champion, Samira, has been officially unveiled. And while the leak that went around described her as “female Rambo,” seeing Samira in action is more akin to an elaborate Devil May Cry reference. And frankly, that’s way better in my books.

Samira Abilities List

Indeed, Samira is definitely an archetypical badass action hero sort of character. She has a big gun that shoots lots of bullets real fast, dual pistols, an eyepatch, immaculate hair, and a sword. Her official League of Legends branding calls her The Desert Rose, and she’s described as a “gifted, ruthless marksman.” If you watch the new reveal trailer, it’s pretty obvious Samira gets a lot more than money out of doing some murders.

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Just from that description alone, it isn’t clear what Samira has with Dante From the Devil May Cry ™ Series. That’s a perfect segue into her Passive ability, dubbed Daredevil Impulse. As Samira uses basic attacks and chains her non-repeating abilities, a UI element tracks her Style rating. She starts at “E” and goes all the way up to “S,” which does cap her flamboyance powers under the Sons of Sparda, who can achieve Smokin’ Sick Style. But I digress. The higher Samira’s Style, the faster her movement speed gets.

Samira’s Q is Flair, which fires a single shot from one of her guns or slashes with her sword depending on proximity. Her W is Blade Whirl, which is mostly self-explanatory. Not only does it hit enemies twice, it can also block enemy missiles while the animation is active. Wild Rush is Samira’s E, which boosts her attack speed while letting her dash through enemies or allies. If she passes through an enemy it deals magic damage. Scoring a takedown immediately resets this move’s cooldown. 

Finally, Samira’s R is Inferno Trigger. Sounds somewhat familiar, yeah? You have to have your Style grade up to S in order to use this, but when you do the party gets crazy. She fires all around her, hitting enemies ten times. The shots do physical damage, apply lifesteal, and can also crit.

Samira is basically Dante, and I rest my case. You may not be pulling her Devil Trigger in League of Legends, but the Style grading may as well come with a Capcom logo in the fine print. That’s an A+ gimmick for a champion, from where I’m sitting. What do you think, readers? Does Samira’s kit translate to an instant buy? Or are you going to wait and see how she turns out? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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