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LawBreakers – Vanguard Tips

by Josh Hawkins

The Vanguard is one of the best roles for players to pick up and play as they start their journey into the competitive world of LawBreakers. Armed with a minigun, the ability to push enemies back with the Pulsar afterburner attack, and the ability to freely fly around the world using a unique jetpack, makes the Vanguard one of the best pick-up-and-play roles in the game. In this article we’ll talk more about the LawBreakers Vanguard tips and different abilities, as well as offer some helpful tricks to assist you in battle.

Vanguard Overview

The minigun strapped to their arm is the Vanguard’s greatest ally, and it offers some unique traits that players should keep in mind when playing as the Vanguard on either the Law or Breakers side. When fired, the minigun becomes more accurate over time, and fires much faster as you hold down the trigger. This means it will rip through enemies within range, allowing you to effectively maul them to death in seconds.

The secondary weapon that players have to rely upon is activated when the minigun is equipped. Use the Alt Fire button when wielding the minigun to activate an Iron Man-like pulse attack that shoots enemies away. This does cost Afterburner fuel, which is used by the Vanguard’s jetpack to move around, so you won’t be able to use this attack if you’re low on fuel. Keep fuel in the tank so you can utilize this attack when it close proximity to enemies, as it is extremely devastating.

When it comes to throwables, the Vanguard’s cluster grenade—called Meteor Shells—is quite useful for finishing off enemies. It’s a great little item that can easily be tossed at the foot of enemies, and it can finish them off, so long as they aren’t too healed up. As for ultimates, The Vanguard utilizes the Starfall ultimate, which causes the character to slam into the ground, delivering a devastating attack on their enemies. This is also really useful for breaking out of gravity wells, which can leave you the only one not floundering around in zero-G.

With a standard 300HP (that’s about what most middle characters in LawBreakers have to offer) the Vanguard is by no means a squishy role to play. But, any character can die quickly when eating bullets, and you’ll want to stick to the skies using your jetpack as much as possible. If you keep this in mind, make use of your Starfall ability, and use your minigun to its full potential, you’ll be owning the enemy and pulling your team closer to victory each and every match.

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