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LawBreakers Combat Tips

by Josh Hawkins

Stepping into a LawBreakers lobby for the first time can be confusing and overwhelming at first. Like other hero-based shooters, LawBreakers has a lot of intricate systems that you’ll need to master to become a pro at the game. In this article we’ll offer up a few very helpful LawBreakers combat tips, which should assist you in getting a good grasp on the game’s basic mechanics early on.

Every Role is Different

There are a total of eight different roles that players can fill in LawBreakers, and each role contains two different characters—one for each side (Law and Breakers). If you truly want to master the game, you’re going to have to realize that every role is different, and that you’ll need to approach each one with an open mind.

Each role has different abilities, which you should learn and use accordingly. For example, the Medic has a robotic drone that can heal allies, while the Wraith has a three-tier jump system that allows it to jump all around the map, moving quickly from place to place. Learn these differences, master the abilities, and you’ll be zooming through the map in no time.

Find a Good Starting Point

The key to being successful in LawBreakers is to find a class/role that works for you. For many, this role may be the Enforcer—which works similarly to your standard FPS character roles seen in other FPs games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. This role features a sprint-like move, which can be useful for getting around the map easily. The Enforcer also includes an assault rifle, as well as an EMP grenade, which can be useful for those still getting the hang of more role-based gameplay.

For others, the Juggernaut may be a good starting point, as this class offers a lot of health, and some strong hitting weapons and abilities which new users may find welcoming. If you want speed, though, the Wraith role could be the best place to start, as it allows you to move around the map easily without being hindered by anything.

Practice Makes Perfect

If a role doesn’t fit well at first, don’t simply abandon it. Try it out again, as you may just need to get used to it. Each role offers different abilities, and sometimes those abilities might not make much sense to new players. Give the game time to grow on you, and you may find that the role you thought you hated is one of your favorite.

Remember to find a good starting point, keep in mind that every role offers different things, and always be prepared to give each role a few games to see how you really feel about it. Don’t write any roles off just yet, as they may change throughout the rest of the development process, and some that you didn’t like may prove to be some of your best. You can find out when the beta ends, as well as take a look at our guide on how to get more Creds, and return to our LawBreakers guide for more help.

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