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LawBreakers Blitzball Tips – How to Play

by Josh Hawkins

Blitzball is an interesting game mode in LawBreakers that tasks players with capturing a ball, which must then be returned to their enemy’s base, where they will score a goal. If you’re just hopping into LawBreakers, the mode can be a bit overwhelming at first, which is why we’ve put together this LawBreakers Blitzball tips article to help you get the hang of and learn how to play Blitzball, so that you can start scoring points for your team, too.

Map Control

While many players focus simply on getting the ball and scoring it, map control actually plays a very large part in Blitzball. You’ll want to have teammates around the most important choke points, which will allow you to hold enemies off if they get the ball, while also offering support for any allies who pick up the ball to score for your team.

Learning the best places to control can be tough, though, but usually you’ll want to focus the brunt of your team’s placement at the entrances and exits of the two bases. While this may be more challenging on larger maps, learning to multitask and move between choke points will be key to keeping the enemy from scoring in Blitzball.

Don’t Just Rush the Ball

It can be very tempting to rush right in and capture the ball when it becomes available. You’ll often see enemies and even allies doing this, only to end up getting mauled to death by tons of bullets flying through the air. Wait for the enemy to make a move, and then take them down once they have the ball. This will make the balls placement less predictable, which can give you and your team the edge you need to take control of it. It always helps if you can force the enemy player to retreat towards their base, as this will then allow you to be closer to your objective once you take the ball from them.

Get the Timing Down

You don’t just instantly pick up the ball like you would in Capture the Flag. In fact, you’ll actually have to wait a few seconds for the ball’s shield to lower, which will then allow you to pick it up. Keep this timing in mind when going for the ball, as that is time you’ll need to stand in the open, able to take fire from the enemy. Try not to rush in without full health, as once you take the ball, you become marked for all the enemy to see.

We love to use the Battle Medic’s Q ability, which drops a massive shield around them. This not only keeps you from taking damage, but it also allows your allies to take cover from enemy fire within, giving you ample time to release the healing drones that will help keep them alive. It’s a win/win for everybody involved—except your enemy.

Move Fast, Score Fast

LawBreakers is already a very fast-paced shooter, but when you’re playing Blitzball, you need to be willing to embrace your inner speed demon without any regards to holding back. Once you have the ball, find the safest, quickest route to the goal, and head out. Use your special abilities to move quicker if you can, as you don’t want to soak up a lot of enemy fire for very long. If you drop the ball, the enemy has a chance to take it back, which isn’t a chance you want to give them.

If you can remember the tips we’ve mentioned above, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting into a groove when it comes to Blitzball. Sure, it may take you a few rounds to really get the hang of everything, but once you do, you’ll be grabbing the ball, and zooming to the goal like the best of ‘em. Make sure you know when the LawBreakers beta ends, and be sure to take a look at our tips for new players if you’re just starting out in the game. You can also return to our LawBreakers guide for even more helpful articles.

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