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LawBreakers – Best Role for New Players

by Josh Hawkins

Starting up a new multiplayer game can be overwhelming the first time, especially as you go head to head against players who know their way around the game. If you’re just picking up LawBreakers, and you aren’t quite sure which role to play, then this guide is for you. In this article we’ll talk about two of the easiest roles to get a grasp of, making them the best roles in LawBreakers for new players. These roles will make getting used to the fast-paced, gravity defying action of LawBreakers much easier.

Unlike many FPS games, LawBreakers relies upon roles instead of classes. This may seem confusing at first, but don’t worry about it too much. For the most part, each role is similar to a class that you’ve seen in other FPS games, and it shouldn’t take you that long to get the hang of using a few of the roles available to you.


The Enforcer is the first role that we want to look at today, and this class works very similarly to the basic characters in most FPS games available today. Featuring a dependable sprint-like ability, an assault rifle, and even an EMP grenade, the Enforcer is LawBreakers most basic class. Don’t let it fool you though. While the Enforcer is an easy to pick up class, it can still deal a lot of damage to any of the other roles available.

The Aerator, the Enforcers assault rifle, is a fantastic piece of machinery, and it offers a good stable rate of fire, and a nice punch for long to medium engagements. If you want to engage enemies up close, then we’d suggest switch over to the Badger, which releases an electro-shock into enemies when you attack you. The assault rifle is still viable in close combat, though it may lose out to the SMGs that many other classes incorporate.

Finally, the Enforcer’s movement ability is called a Distortion Field, which allows you to move around quite easily in normal and zero-g areas. You can also make use of the Enforcers ultimate, which sends four Bloodhound rockets at a target of your choosing.


While the Enforcer is the most basic role in LawBreakers, the Vanguard is arguably the easiest to pick up. Sporting a massive minigun, the Vanguard offers great mobility, a high rate of fire, insane damage, and even a somewhat curious effect that makes firing the minigun longer more accurate. The real trick with the Vanguard, though, is to stick in the air, which is very easy with the Afterburners, which allow the Vanguard to zoom around enemies, dealing loads of damage with the minigun.

You also have access to the Vanguard’s ultimate, Starfall, which causes the character to hurtle towards the ground near an enemy. This is very useful for dealing loads of damage, as well as for navigating zero-g areas where you’d normally just flounder around helplessly with other roles. Of course, at only 300HP, the damage and ease of use comes at a steep price, so stay on the move and you should be fine.

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Josh Hawkins

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