Laughing Table Weaknesses in Persona 3 Reload (P3R)

These tables can mean business.

The Laughing Table is an intense enemy that you’ll come across, with an appearance that doesn’t match its possibly devastating power. You’ll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible in Persona 3 Reload, so here’s what you need to know about its weakness.

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What is the Laughing Table Weak Against in Persona 3 Reload?

If you’ve encountered a Laughing Table within the world of Tartarus — they’re normally hanging out between levels 23 to 43 of Arqa — knowing what will inflict the most pain is rather important. You’ll want to use any Wind attacks you’ve got in your arsenal to knock them off their feet and onto the floor. One particular member of your party will come in handy when battling against these foes.

Yukari will come in clutch against the Laughing Tables, as her Persona has Wind skills that can knock them down easily. Just ensure that you’re attacking them quickly and keeping your eyes peeled as you come across some of the other Table enemies scattered throughout Tartarus. While the Laughing Table may be the weakest of the crew, they can still inflict heavy damage quickly unless you’re using Yukari to her full extent. If your custom-named protagonist has any Personas with Wind attacks, be sure to swap out and use them, as well.

Much like the Wealth Hands you can encounter, you’ll find that once you’ve got their weakness down, these enemies become more and more of a cakewalk. Just ensure you’re always prepared for what they can throw your way, and be sure you’re on the offensive when needed. Preparing for an all-out attack that can wipe them all out is key to continuing your adventures through Tartarus uninterrupted.

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