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The Last of Us Remastered – Survivor Game Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

With the exception of Prima’s Top 5 Multiplayer Tips, our coverage of The Last of Us Remastered focused primarily on the single-player campaign. We guided you through almost every nook and cranny that Naughty Dog masterfully crafted, but today, we’re going to take the fight to the Survivor game mode, perhaps the most popular that Factions has to offer.

First, a bit of background on what the game mode is all about. The overall match is made up of a possible seven rounds, with the winning team the first one to win four games or have the most wins after all seven rounds are complete. Unlike the Supply Raid game mode, players do not respawn, meaning that if you die, you have to sit and wait for the next round to begin. It’s definitely an unforgiving experience, but shares many of the same characteristics of the classic Team Deathmatch from other titles.

The Buddy System

Unlike popular multiplayer shooters Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, the combat in The Last of Us Remastered is unforgiving. Rarely will you find yourself coming out on top when outnumbered, and therefore having a friend nearby is essential to survival.

In a perfect world, we would all have a pal who keeps us company when playing online, but the fact is some people don’t. Should you find yourself logging on as the lone wolf, make sure to stick with someone else in the game. Simply put, two guns are better than one, even if you don’t have a means of communication. If you are playing with a pal, the same advice applies, but you have a distinct advantage since you’re able to revive and cover one another while working as a single, powerful unit.

Give Me the Microphone

Communication is key in any game, but in The Last of Us Remastered, being able to call out enemies and give instructions is almost required if you want to win. Again, we may not have someone who can jump on and play with us every time we fire up Factions, but you can at least turn on your microphone to communicate with your team. As always, the advantage goes to those who play with their friends since you’re almost certainly talking with one another and can make tactical decisions those without headsets can’t.

Little Red Loot Box

If you’ve spent any time in this game mode at all, you’ve seen people dash for the red loot boxes at the start of the round. They contain crafting supplies that will allow you to make things like Molotovs, Shivs, Nail Bombs and even Health Kits. The catch is, when playing Survivor, the materials you gather and things you craft do not carry over from one round to the next. Since there is no point in letting the round end with a precious Nail Bomb in your hands, why not make sure to throw it at the first Hunter scum you find? Better yet, drop it in the doorway of a flank route so you can at least move up without someone sneaking around behind you.

The Walls are Paper Thin

If played correctly, it’s fairly simple to prevent someone from sneaking up on you in The Last of Us Remastered. Listen Mode exists, and it works almost exactly as it does in the single-player campaign. While it does take some time to charge up after use, it essentially means that the most patient players have a huge advantage.

When the round begins, sprint forward a short distance, but then hold up behind some cover in the crouched position. When you feel like an enemy is near, use your Listen Mode to check. As long as you’re perfectly still, they shouldn’t be able to see you, and if they’re moving around, you should definitely detect them. Some might argue this is encouragement to camp, but we’re not suggesting you sit there the entire round, just until you get an idea of what your opponent is up to.

Exploiting Flank Routes

For the most part, none of the maps in The Last of Us Remastered are plagued by bottlenecks. Most rooms have multiple points of entry and more than one level. This takes tactical play to a whole new level, basically tying in with every point we’ve made in this article.

Whether you go on the attack or decide to lock down a particular area, map knowledge is essential to surviving. That will take time to learn, but you can always pay close attention to any doors or windows nearby, then designate either you or your running buddy as the one to watch the team’s six. Rest assured, someone will try to flank you, just as you must try to flank them if you have any hope at all of winning in the Survivor game mode.

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