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The Last Guardian – All Barrel Locations

by Josh Hawkins

During your time in The Last Guardian, you’ll be tasked with feeding various Barrels to Trico in order to keep him energized and able to press forward. What the game doesn’t tell you, though, is that these Barrels are actually the game’s version of a collectable. In this article, we’ll show you how to get every Barrel, which will allow you to unlock special treats in the game.

All Hidden Barrels in The Last Guardian

While several of the Barrels in The Last Guardian are in plain sight, many more are hidden away in the dark reaches of the ruins of the valley. You’ll need to pay careful attention to the world around you if you wish to find them all. Finding all the barrels and feeding them to Trico will unlock new outfits and costumes for your character.

Navigating the world of The Last Guardian can be tricky, so we’ve tried to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to finding Barrels throughout the game. If you find yourself having trouble finding each Barrel, just explore the room as much as you can until you spot it. When you are close to a Barrel, butterflies will begin to gather around you. More butterflies will join the others as you get closer, with three meaning you are basically right on top of the Barrel.

The first three Barrels can be found inside the starting room where you awaken with Trico. After you remove the spear from Trico’s leg, grab the two Barrels on top of the ruins across from him. The third Barrel is behind the gate on the left side of the ruins.

The second room, which is connected to the starting room, contains two Barrels that you can grab and feed to Trico. One is hidden in plain sight, right where you enter the hole to get the mirror-shield that control’s Trico’s lightning power. The other one is hidden on a higher platform. Climb atop Trico to gain access to it.

Continue through the game until you reach the large door across a massive ravine. Use Trico’s tail to destroy the door, then climb down the pillar and into the next room. Trico will follow you, jamming its head into the doorway you enter. Move up the nearby stairs, and call Trico up to you to have him jump through the door that you destroyed. At the end of this hall is a pile of rubble with a Barrel under it. Aim the mirror at it, and then wait for Trico’s tail to destroy the rubble, allowing you to grab the Barrel and feed it to Trico.

In the next room, where you must climb up the wall and chain, look for a set of handholds on the opposite side of the room. There is a Barrel that you can access up here. Climb atop Trico, jump to the handholds, and then climb your way up to discover the Barrel.

Continues through the game until you reach another door that can be destroyed using Trico’s lightning. There should be an alcove nearby that contains what used to be parts of a mineshaft and minecart track. Look inside to find another Barrel.

Move into the room just before you encounter the first antenna room (where Trico goes crazy and attacks the boy). This is also the first room where you learn that the sun windows must be destroyed. After destroying the sun window, head through a doorway and down a narrow set of step to find a Barrel at the bottom. It’s the doorway just to the right of the platform railing when you enter this room.

After waking Trico up, and fighting off the first set of enemies in the game, continue forward until you reach another room with a tall ceiling. You’ll have to climb atop Trico and jump to a platform along the wall. There are two Barrels in this area. One can be found in an alcove, just before you jump over the ragged old wooden bridge. The other can be found just across the bridge. Feed both of them to Trico before continuing.

Keep moving until you reach a room where Trico must fight more enemies. This Barrel is in plain sight. Wait for Trico to dispatch your foes before trying to feed it the Barrel.

Once Trico’s tail gets stuck, and you set it free, wait for the beast to take out the enemies. Then, follow it into the open area and head right to find a Barrel at the end of the path.

The next four Barrels can be found inside the room where you learn to issue commands to Trico. Have the beast destroy the crate with four Barrels inside it, then let it eat in peace before continuing your journey.

To find the next Barrel in the game, continue to the Switch that you must trigger to free the creature from the dead end where you learned how to command Trico. If you look just across the way from the Switch you will notice this Barrel sitting on the ledge across from you.

Continue through the game to the room with the glowing jar puzzle. Once you manage to get Trico through, feed the beast the Barrel in the small alcove just below where you need to jump out of the area.

The next room with enemies, where you must destroy the sun window on the minecart track, also holds a Barrel. Climb up to where you use the chain to swing to the tracks, but don’t swing just yet. Instead, climb up the chain and jump to a platform above to find this Barrel. Let Trico kill the enemies below before trying to feed it to your ally.

After having Trico prop on the ruins wall, and allowing you access to where you must jump across the old cages to destroy the sun window, look for a Barrel on the platform before you jump. You should be able to find it easily. There is also a second Barrel nearby.

The next Barrel is found when Trico lays down to recover again. Look for the Barrel in a set of mineshaft ruins nearby. Look for a hole you can drop into, and then look for the Barrel in the dark area of the ruins.

After Trico saves you from the tree limb, climb up through the ruins of the area (there’s only one way you can go). You have to find this Barrel, so you can’t miss it. Once you have it, toss it up the ramps, careful not to let it roll all the way down, and then feed it to the great beast to continue the game.

To find the next Barrel on your journey, continue through the game to the area where you must knock the enemies down who are holding onto sun windows and aiming them at Trico. Once the enemies are dispatched, look for a hole in the nearby gate that you can climb through. It’s a dead end, but it leads you to another Barrel.

The next time you find a Barrel, it is once more related the story. After dealing with the smoking cauldron, Trico will need food once more. This Barrel can be found by jumping through a gap in a nearby gate. You’ll have to use the two boxes nearby to get it through. Feed it to Trico to continue.

You can find this next Barrel inside the arena-like area. Climb onto the seats and follow them around until you spot the Barrel.

Once on the rooftops above the Arena, jump to the top of a waterfall and look for this Barrel in the corner of the area. It’s pretty well hidden, so use your butterflies to find it.

There isn’t another Barrel until after you escape the metal cage after being separated from Trico. Grab the armor piece from the cage that you escaped, and head down the other elevator cage. This will lead you back to an area you already explored. There’s a statue nearby with no head. Toss the head at it, and it should come to life, opening a new way for you to pass. Juke around the statue, and grab the Barrel. Carry it back up to Trico and feed it to continue. This one is a requirement, so you can’t miss it.

The next Barrel can be found just after Trico and the boy jump through a massive hole in the ceiling. Look off to your right and you should spot a cave that you can enter. This leads to a set of stairs, which in turn lead to another Barrel.

After Trico’s fight with the other Trico, use the mirror to destroy the debris above you. This will allow you to climb a chain, gaining access to two more Barrels toss them down and then feed them to your friend.

The next two can be found in the same area. Destroy the minecarts by using Trico’s lightning and the mirror. This will cause two more Barrels to drop, which can then be fed to the beast to revitalize it. You must find these Barrels to continue the story.

You won’t find anymore Barrels until you get over to the blue/white tower. There are several balconies above you where statues will attack from. Destroy them with Trico’s lightning, then have the creature prop itself up so you can jump into them. One of these balconies holds a Barrel.

To find the next Barrel, move around the left side of the white/blue tower. If you angle the camera right, you should spot the Barrel on a platform below you, near the back. You can only access this by using Trico’s tail. To do this, call the creature to you and have it sit by pressing R1 + X. Then, grab onto its tail, and pull it over the edge. This will allow you to climb down and grab the Barrel. Drop it to the platform below it, and then jump down and carry it up the stairs to your companion.

The last Barrel we managed to find is found inside the room with the elevator. You’ll notice several broken Barrels around the area. There’s one hidden among the throng that isn’t broken, though. Grab it and feed it to your faithful companion.

That’s all the Barrels we’ve managed to find so far during our playthrough. There are 42 in all, counting the ones we’ve spotted in our time with the game. You need 96 to unlock the highest tier outfit, so that means playing through the game at least two times before you can get all the costumes. 

We’re still tirelessly searching, though, so we’ll be sure to update this article should anymore arise during our next play of the game. You can return to our The Last Guardian walkthrough, or look at our explanation of The Last Guardian’s ending to see what it all means.

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