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Konni Laptop Location and Use in Ashika Island DMZ

Another mission, another laptop.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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If you’re making your way through the Legion Faction missions in the Call of Duty: DMZ mode, then you may be on Tier 4 where the Konni Laptop is required. You may have even found the laptop on your own in Ashika Island and not know where to bring the item.

What makes this laptop even more confusing is that it’s not outlined in detail for the Legion Faction. You’re only instructed to find some notes that need to be followed, and this is where the item is mentioned. Our DMZ guide will cover what the Konni Laptop is used for and where to find it.

Ashika Island DMZ – Konni Laptop Location and Use

For those who have already found the laptop without picking up the mission, the item is likely confusing. To save yourself some time in the future, you can extract with the item and it will go to your mission item inventory within the stash, so you won’t have to worry about weapon or key space.

If you’re on the Legion Faction mission called “Follow Instructions,” then you’ll need to find the Konni Laptop in the DMZ. This item is only found in Ashika Island and it can be easily located near the Beach Club and City Hall. At this point, you’ve definitely completed the mission that requires you to get the laptop at City Hall. The building directly north of City Hall is where you need to search. The room you’re looking for is 402.

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Once you pick up the laptop at the Ashika Island Hotel, it must be delivered to the designated dead drop. There is a dead drop located just north of the Beach Club and just west of the City Hall building. Place the Konni Laptop in this container and you’re all set with the Legion DMZ mission.

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