Square Enix has announced a new Kingdom Hearts spinoff game called Melody of Memory. The music-based game will be the first in the Kingdom Hearts series to come to the Nintendo Switch, and will also be releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will feature tons of recognizable songs that players can beat along to as they make their way through the different levels. Here’s everything we know about the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory release date.

When Is the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Release Date?

Square Enix has announced that it will release Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020. While we don’t have an official release date at the time of writing, developers have revealed that there will be 140 songs featured in the game at launch, with a mix of well-known Disney songs, as well as music from the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks.

The trailer, which can be seen above, shows three characters defeating enemies and collecting coins to a beat as they make their way through different “levels.” The trailer also revealed that there would be four different game modes, including an online mode, that players can have some fun with. As we mentioned above, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be the first Kingdom Hearts game to come to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s not too surprising to see Square Enix give Kingdom Hearts it’s own rhythmic based game, as it has done the same with Final Fantasy in the past. It’s currently unclear which characters will be available in Melody of Memory, but the trailer shows Sora, Donald Duck, Hercules, and Goofy playing along to the beat. Odds are there will be a handful of other characters joining the game’s lineup, but we don’t know for sure right now. While we don’t know much else about the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory release date or gameplay, we should be getting more information in the coming weeks and months since it’s set to release later this year.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 released in January 2019 and followed up with it’s ReMind DLC in earlier this year. There are a handful of worlds that players can explore in the game while they wait for Melody of Memory to be released. If you find yourself getting stuck, we’ve got tons of great guides on our Kingdom Hearts 3 game page that should help you. We’ve also included some links to the guides below for you to check out.

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