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How to Draw Your Sword in Kingdom Come Deliverance

by Bryan Dawson

With Kingdom Come Deliverance finally available and people starting to really get into the game, we’ve had some players asking how to draw a sword. Henry starts off fighting with his hands, but eventually you’ll have a sword and you’re going to want to know how to draw that sword. This article covers the quick and easy way to draw a sword in Kingdom Come Deliverance so you can best those enemies with the greatest of ease.

Before you can draw your sword you need to first make sure you have it equipped. You can do this in the inventory menu. If you haven’t equipped a sword you won’t have anything to draw. Just having the sword in your inventory is not enough, so make sure it’s equipped as well.

How to Draw a Sword

  • Tap Left on the D-Pad (console).
  • Press 1 on the keyboard (PC).

Kingdom Come Deliverance Draw Sword

Once the sword is equipped, simply tap Left on d-pad for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or press 1 on keyboard if you’re playing the PC version. Henry will pull out his sword and you can start taking out bandits with ease. Don’t worry, it sounds easy once you know how to do it, but a lot of people had trouble with it at first.

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