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Key to Divinity Destiny 2 Guide: Divine Fragmentation Quest Walkthrough

by Ginny Woo

The last bit of the Divine Fragmentation quest to acquire the new Divinity Exotic weapon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is probably the trickiest part of the whole chain, as it involves hightailing it into the Garden of Salvation raid and checking out a bunch of secret rooms. For those who aren’t familiar yet with the raid, this can be a little bit daunting; especially if you’re working through the content for the first time. Check out our Key to Divinity Destiny 2 guide for what we know so far about this last step of the questline. 

Key to Divinity Destiny 2 Guide: Divine Fragmentation Quest Walkthrough

  • The Key to Divinity quest step is the very last one in the overall chain to acquire the Divinity trace rifle. You’re going to have to have completed these other requirements first:
  • Kill the Vex in the Lunar Battlegrounds
  • Analyze Vex data cores on Nessus
  • Kill Vex to acquire 120 data cores
  • Acquire an Empowered Decryption core using 30 Phantasmal Fragments

Once you’ve completed the above steps, then you’ll be able to progress to the next part of the Divine Fragmentation questline which involves entering the Garden of Salvation. However, it’s not just a matter of completing the raid. You’re going to have to actually seek out some secret rooms within the raid which have a bunch of tether puzzles that are waiting there for you to solve them. Solving each puzzle with your Empowered Decryption Core is going to help you complete the Key to Divinity segment, and it’ll all culminate in completing the Garden of Salvation. We’ve got some information about the first three tether puzzles and will update this guide as we find more.

Key to Divinity Destiny 2 Guide: Tether Puzzles

There are three separate tether puzzles that we’re aware of at the moment, and we’re going to briefly outline our preferred strategies for tackling them at the moment. 

The very first tether puzzle is accessible once you’ve taken down the first phase of the Garden of Sorrow raid. Follow along with the rest of your team as you scale the stairs, but you’ll notice that there are two gaps in the walls. You’ll have to split your party into two groups here, chucking three of them on each side in order to get everyone tethered up.

The second tether puzzle involves tramping through a field of flowers, and you’re going to have to drop off the platform to get to the tether puzzle location. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to escort the tether beam through four separate rooms, avoiding a barrier, to its rightful home.

The third tether puzzle is a continuation of the jumping puzzle that the Garden of Salvation puts you through. In this one, it’s about getting your timing right. There will be a cube which has to be interacted with (read: shot) which will spit out holograms. The tether beam has to interact with all of these holograms for you to solve the puzzle, and shooting flowers to open or close them to make your navigation process easier. 

While us and most of the community are still working through all the hidden secrets in the Garden of Salvation in order to complete the Key to Divinity Destiny 2 guide, we’ll make sure to include all additional information that we find as soon as we come across it. In the meantime, check out our guide to the rest of the steps needed to obtain the Divinity Exotic weapon.

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