Keep The Lethal Company Crew Together With These Scary Christmas Gifts (2023)

Hopefully these gifts won't make your company feel lethal toward you.

If you and your Lethal Company crew are looking to partake in some holiday shenanigans, finding the perfect gifts can be difficult. Thankfully, this is going to be the easiest mission we’ve ever partaken in, and the prices for these Christmas gifts are much cheaper than the Company Shop.

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Best Christmas Gifts for your Lethal Company Crew

A Big Bolt Prop To Put On Display

Everybody remembers the first time they found the Big Bolt, and you finally have the chance to have one of your own. This giant screw is scaled to size, so you’ll have the perfect size prop for a Cosplay, or just an excellent piece of engineering that you can keep in your game room. If you need to get rid of it for some reason, just make sure you don’t ring the bell too much.

A Custom Crew Sign For All The Members

If you’ve got a crew that is sticking together through thick and thin, it’s time to start thinking of a name for your company. Once you’ve finally struck gold and figured it out, what better way to celebrate than with a custom sign that you can display proudly? With 18 Characters of customization, you’ll be able to create a custom piece of art that can be given to your favorite crewmates, so you can always keep the company on your mind.

A Keychain To Remind Them Where Their Priorities Lie

No matter where you are, you can’t escape the draw of Lethal Company. No matter if someone is looking for a Steam Deck charm, or you just want to keep your favorite nameless protagonist on your person at all times, this excellent keychain is a great way to remind your friends that it’s always time to jump onto Lethal Company. Featuring plenty of detail, you’ll always be VIP Employee #1 in their eyes if you adorn them with this awesome gift.

A Poster To Adorn Their Walls

  • Lethal Company Game Print – $9.55 up to $68.97

A nice piece of artwork can spruce up any area in just a matter of moments, and no matter the size you pick for this Lethal Company print, it’ll pop off the way. Stylish and ominous, this particular piece of artwork is particularly striking and offers a quick glimpse into the horror of what awaits players when they jump into the world of LC. Here’s to hoping that this particular crewmate makes it back safe.

A Hoarding Bug Of Their Own

You know what? The Hoarding Bugs are kind of cute when they’re not trying to rip us into pieces. If you want to give your friends either a horrifying memory of a life they once lived in Lethal Company, or want to memorialize the time they had a cracked play against one of these terrifying monsters, now is the perfect time to make that happen. This Hoarding Bug is much smaller than the real deal, coming in at 4.5 inches, but it is the perfect size to chill on their desk.

Adorable Stickers They Can Put Wherever

Lethal Company is equal parts hilarious and terrifying, and these stickers do the perfect job of summarizing both sides into their most adorable forms. My personal favorite is Sticker #1, as I use that quote on a surprisingly regular basis in my day-to-day life. You’ll also find that the Bracken makes a surprise appearance on this sticker sheet, so get your crewmates decked out in their best and get ready to raid some bases with these adorable add-ons.

Everybody Dance Now (In Matching Shirts)

My first experience in Lethal Company was loading into the ship, and seeing someone doing a funny little dance, completely unaware of the horrors that I would be soon encountering. What better way to celebrate these hilarious moments than with a Dance Party shirt for every member of the crew? If you’re not a fan of just solid black, you’re also in luck, as this particular shirt can be printed on just about any color you can imagine. We’d recommend orange, so you can completely match your Crewmate when you’re going on your next expedition.

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