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Justice League: Cosmic Chaos Trophies and Achievements Listed

Every trophy and achievement found in the new family-friendly DC game

by Grant Testa

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos! The family-friendly, action adventure title set in the DC Universe officially arrived on March 10, 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game’s description explains, “Suit up as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman and take on some of the most powerful Super-Villains in the DC universe with DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos.” Along with bringing some of DC’s iconic heroes to the current generation of gaming, the new title from PHL Collective also provides trophies and achievements for its players to earn. Whether you prefer the Caped Crusader, the Princess of Themyscira, or the Man of Steel, here is the list of challenges you will need to overcome on the way to earning all of the Steam achievements, PlayStation Platinum trophy, or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore in Justice League: Cosmic Chaos.

Justice League: Cosmic Chaos Trophies and Achievements

The Totality (Platinum Trophy)

Earn all other Trophies (PlayStation only)

Secret Sanctuary (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Get Mount Justice Upgraded   

Once a League Member (Silver Trophy / 25 Gamerscore)

Rescue Snapper Carr   

In Brightest Day… (Gold Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Rescue Green Lantern   

Operation What? (Bronze Trophy / 25 Gamerscore)

Thwart Operation Snootilyboopikus 

Great Neptune! (Gold Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Rescue Aquaman   

Fastest Man Alive (Gold Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Rescue The Flash  

Panic in the 5th Dimension (Silver Trophy / 25 Gamerscore)

Arrive in the 5th Dimension

Brave and Bold (Gold Trophy / 150 Gamerscore)

Conquer Starro the Conquerer 

Brand “Old” Family (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete Bizarro’s mission line 

That’s a Wrap! (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete Clayface’s mission line

Trial by Fire (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete Ares’ mission line

Messin’ with the Main Man (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete Lobo’s mission line  

Green Thumb (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete Poison Ivy’s mission line 

Thawed Out (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete Blue Snowman’s mission line

Check and Mate (Silver Trophy / 40 Gamerscore)

Complete Bethany Lee’s mission line

Boost it Up!! (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Upgrade a Heroic Ability

Super Associate (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Upgrade a Support Hero   

Justice for Some (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Upgrade an Artifact of Justice

Super Hero (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Fully upgrade a Heroic Ability 

Super Friend (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Fully upgrade a Support Hero

Justice for All (Silver Trophy / 30 Gamerscore)

Fully upgrade an Artifact of Justice 

Power Trip (Silver Trophy / 50 Gamerscore)

Reach level 30

The Drip (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Get your first costume from Booster Gold

Tinkerer (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Equip an Artifact of Justice  

P.O.R.T.S. Authority (Silver Trophy / 25 Gamerscore)

Unlock every P.O.R.T. 

Thrill-Seeker (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Ride a ride at the Boardwalk

Doing Everything I Can (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Ride a skateboard as Superman 

Do you even ‘Lift? (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Drive the forklift circuit 

The Lazy River (Bronze Trophy / 15 Gamerscore)

Ride the floatie 

Fish Can’t Swim? (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Lasso a fish into water 

Mighty (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Defeat 3 enemies with a single attack 

Death: Destroyer of Fish (Bronze Trophy / 10 Gamerscore)

Defeat 6 enemies with a single attack 

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