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Jedi Survivor Performance vs. Quality Mode: Which is Better?

Let's get the ship up and running.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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If you’re playing Jedi Survivor at launch, then you’re well aware of the performance issues that are present in the latest Star Wars game. Consoles are fairing better than their PC counterpart, but players still need to choose between Performance Mode or Quality Mode in the display settings.

With only two choices for console players to make, the differences can be significant, and they will largely depend on what the player desires. However, they aren’t entirely working as intended, and someone who typically picks Performance may actually want Quality in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor – Performance Moder Versus Quality Mode

In my experience with the full Star Wars game, I decided to stick with Performance Mode because the highest highs were worth the trouble for me. However, I wouldn’t recommend performance over Quality Mode for most players right now due to how the game is running on consoles and the poor performance.

Even with Performance Mode enabled in Jedi Survivor, the frame rate rarely stays at a consistent 60 FPS. Instead, it will drop down to what looks like 30 FPS, then back up repeatedly. This is common in the open world, and because Performance Mode prioritizes frames, the game will also look worse. I would recommend Quality Mode in Jedi Survivor until more patches are released.

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Quality Mode will look better and may actually feel smoother to most players because the framerate is more consistent. Some areas in the game will feel better with Performance Mode enabled, but they are few and far between. Performance Mode is essentially the same as Quality Mode, with worse visuals. At the end of the day, though, it really comes down to preferences, so you should definitely try out both options in Jedi Survivor before coming to a conclusion. You can always quickly switch between them in the Visual Settings.

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