Is Wild Hearts PS5 Performance Good - Answered

Is Wild Hearts PS5 Performance Good? – Answered

Does the new monster hunting game live up to its next-gen only status?

The new Monster Hunter “inspired” title from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force has arrived on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC – but is it a true next-gen title? Let’s find out how it works on PlayStation 5.

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Is Wild Hearts PS5 Performance Good? – Answered

For starters, Wild Hearts uses Koei Tecmo’s new “Katana Engine”. It’s always nice to see new games have their own proprietary engines, making them stand out in the sea of other titles that use similar engines like Unreal. However, although this custom engine brings unique visuals, it also comes with custom problems. The thing that stings the eyes the most are some nasty environment textures, but this can be a problem of the design and not of the engine itself.

The PlayStation 5 version of Wild Hearts, just like the Xbox Series X version, comes with two graphics modes:

  • Resolution Mode – Reduces frame rate and graphical fidelity in favor of the higher resolution (Dynamic resolution up to 4K with 30fps locked)
  • Performance Mode – Reduces resolution and graphical fidelity in favor of a higher frame rate (Native 1080p with very solid 60fps, but cutscenes stay in 30fps)
Can’t get away from reducing graphical fidelity huh?

You’ll notice that the descriptions of both graphic modes include a reduction in graphical fidelity, what is Koei Tecmo trying to tell us with this? Like, whatever we choose, we need to sacrifice visual fidelity? Maybe, I don’t know… get a high-end PC? Geez.

Anyhow, it is recommended that you definitely use Performance Mode, even if you play on a 4K screen because a very stable 60fps in this kind of action game is much more important than slightly sharper graphics. Also, in the PlayStation 5 version, there is a graphic bug related to flickering in Resolution Mode, so there is another reason not to use it until it gets patched.

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Also, the Motion Blur effect in both modes looks very bad, in our opinion, even glitchy, especially during snow or rain, so it’s best to turn it off whether you’re playing in Performance or Resolution mode. The option is in the settings – graphics, just below the Graphics Priority toggle.

That would be it as far as Wild Hearts’ performance on PlayStation 5 is concerned – basically, stick to the Performance mode, and you should have a smooth experience. Happy Kemono hunting!

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