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Is There Ray-Tracing in Dead Space Remake? – Answered

We really love tracing rays these days.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Isaac Broken Hallway

Dead Space Remake is shaping up to be one of the best-looking games to date, bringing out all sorts of beauty and disgust in its horror setting. Everything from the individual textures to the overall lighting has received a facelift, making the game nearly indistinguishable from the original in every way. With it being a modern game, you may be wondering if a certain lighting setting is available in the new game. Here’s whether there is ray-tracing in Dead Space Remake.

Does Dead Space Remake Have Ray-Tracing?

The answer should come as no surprise given this is a AAA video game released in the year 2023, but yes, Dead Space Remake does feature ray-tracing. This offers up a massive improvement to the game’s lighting, offering far more realistic shadows for those who appreciate the finer details (and have enough money for a ray-tracing capable GPU). It also provides a hefty performance hit, but perhaps that’s worth it for some of you.

Alongside ray-tracing, Dead Space Remake also features the iconic DLSS that Nvidia’s been touting for some time now. There’s a large technical explanation for what it is, but to keep it in laymen’s terms, DLSS uses AI to upscale a lower-resolution image to look like a higher resolution. Provided you’re playing on one of the quality settings, the difference in quality tends to be unnoticeable. Meanwhile, your performance sees a hefty increase. Some think ray-tracing is a bigger innovation, but if you ask us, this is the bigger revelation.

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Combined with all of the other visual upgrades Dead Space Remake offers, the new game looks frankly incredible. That level of detail makes it all the more frightening, let alone a sight to behold in certain settings. Let’s just hope you don’t see that beauty through Isaac getting torn to pieces.

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