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Is Dead Space Remake on EA Play? – Answered

Thanks for letting us Play, EA.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Necromorph Fight

Dead Space Remake is the latest title to be released by EA and their Motive studio. Bringing the infamous story of Isaac Clark into the modern-day spotlight, this remake reinforces all the greatest aspects of the original while giving it more meat for its bones in the process. Given that it can be played through EA’s app, you may be wondering if it’s available on the publisher’s subscription service. Here’s whether Dead Space Remake is on EA Play.

Can You Play Dead Space Remake on EA Play?

If we’re talking about the basic EA Play subscription, then no, you can’t play Dead Space Remake through there. It would lose EA a ton of money to allow it to be played for so cheap at launch, plus it’d disincentivize their EA Play Pro subscription (more on that in a moment). This also means that if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you won’t be able to play Dead Space Remake on day one, which is unfortunate but makes sense.

Now, if you’ve gone all out and purchased an EA Play Pro subscription, then we have better news for you. Dead Space Remake can be played the minute it releases if you’re subscribed, so those forking out the cash can defeat necromorphs from the get-go. It costs around $15-20 per month, but if you’re the type of person to sit down and play a game in its first month only, then it can be a worthwhile purchase over the full price.

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If you do choose to go the route of EA Play Pro over purchasing the game, then you’ll also get access to a nice handful of EA’s other titles, including Madden 23 and Need for Speed Unbound. Not a bad set of games in their library, even with access for just a month.

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