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Is There a Move Tutor in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? – Answered

Talk about a thankless job

by Patrick Souza

Moves are the bread and butter of Pokemon battles and you need to squeeze the most of them all if you want to have success in your journey. You can learn them in many different ways in the Pokemon series. The most classic way is through leveling/evolving, but you can also make use of TMs, pass them down through breeding, or even have someone teach them directly to your Pokemon. Those nice teachers are called Move Tutors.

Tutors will sometimes work for free but may also ask for payment after providing their services. Some of them will only teach the move once per save file, so it’s quite an important choice. They were present all the way up to Sword and Shield, but are they also present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Is there a Move Tutor in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Scarlet and Violet took some classic features out of the series and the Move Tutors weren’t an exception to this. There is no Move Tutor available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and you can only learn new moves through the other mentioned methods.

Tutors used to have counterparts known as the Move Reminder and the Move Deleter which are also not present in the current era of games. These were all retired since Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which made it possible to relearn and forget Moves at any time with your current Pokemon by simply going into their menu.

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It may be sad to see those dedicated teachers be out of a job, but it was all for the best as the current methods are way more practical than flying across the whole map just to get a single movement. TMS are also back to being single-use items in Gen IX, but players can freely craft them in Pokemon Centers now, making space management way better in the newer games. And that’s how technology takes our jobs from us.

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