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One of the most powerful weapons to be added in Fortnite was the Infinite Blade, originally introduced in Season 7. But now that we’re having a throwback to the past with the recent OG updates, will this seemingly unlimited weapon make its glorious return?

Was the Infinity Blade Added Back to Fortnite?

As of the 27.10 update, the Infinity Blade has not been added back to OG Fortnite. The weapon was deemed just too powerful and game-defining to exist, leading players to center their strategies to simply grab it before anyone else did. Epic probably doesn’t want that kind of meta to return, so the Infinite Blade wasn’t returned.

The weapon was placed on the Polar Peak, and the first player that claimed it would get an immense advantage thanks to its amazing mobility enhancements, powerful attacks, and defensive capacities like HP regeneration upon scoring a kill. This led to everyone trying to claim it as soon as they landed, making matches repetitive and boring, if not automatically decided by the point someone reached out to the blade.

The weapon is still available in Creative, but no official mode currently includes it in its arsenal. Many custom-made maps feature it in all its glory but don’t expect to find it on your regular queue nowadays. It’ll probably not come back later, either.

While the recent OG Fortnite updates have been all about nostalgia, everything has a limit, including bringing something that’s toxic to the game’s health in the long term. You can still say hello to some long-gone companions like the Scar which was included back in the game, but don’t expect no slightly-overturned swords to be around your matches unless you’re going custom, of course.

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