Is The Final Fantasy XIV Security Token Worth It? – Answered

Is this physical item worth your cash?

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is beautiful and filled to the brim with unique personalities from all over the globe. However, as with many online games, there are plenty of folks who happen to have ill intentions and want nothing more than to ruin your day. Thankfully, Square Enix has a few different options available to gamers to help them keep their accounts on lockdown, including the FFXIV Security Token. Should you chuck some cash their way to keep your account as locked down as possible, or are you better off snagging a pizza for the same price?

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What Is The FFXIV Security Token?

The Square Enix Security Token is a small keychain-sized item that gives players the perfect chance to keep their accounts secure. There are multiple ways that players can do this, including the Security Token app or an authenticator, but this small item will be perfect for those who want to show off their FFXIV pride to other players.

It works by displaying a small one-time password that players will need to enter when they are trying to log in to keep their account safe. It runs on a non-user-replaceable battery, but if you have the technical knowledge and a bit of patience, you can crack them open and replace them yourself. The token is synchronized with Square Enix platforms to always allow players access to their accounts, no matter where they may be.

Is The Square Enix Security Token Worth It For FFXIV?

It’s more of a personal preference, especially since there are other options available that you can use. However, those who are looking to use the official Square Enix Security Token app should know that the service is coming to a close in 2024, so if they’re hoping to keep it all within the same ecosystem, you’ll want to purchase one of these physical keys.

If you’re a collector, then this is something that you should purchase straight away. Having a physical item is, in my eyes, always more rewarding than a digital item that you can’t hold and utilize. However, for those looking to save the $15 and use it somewhere else (maybe the Mog Station to unlock some new clothes or mounts?), you can always use something like Google Authenticator to secure your account.

What Happens If You Lose Your Security Token?

If you’re anything like me, there is a good chance that you’re likely going to lose your security token at some point or another. If this happens, you can always get in touch with the Square Enix support network, and after answering a few questions about your account to verify that it is actually you reaching out to them, you should be able to remove that second form of authentication.

No matter if you’re hoping to keep your account as secure as possible, or just want a way to show off your love for Final Fantasy XIV, the Square Enix Security Token should be on your watchlist. It’s a great little item and will help you keep your account secure, but keep in mind that free options work just as well. Be sure to check out our FFXIV section below to learn more about this exciting MMO, and find out about the latest mini games that’ll have you stumbling your way throughout the world.

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