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Is The Callisto Protocol on Xbox Game Pass? – Answered

The Xbox Game Pass has dozens of great horror games but is The Callisto Protocol on of them?

by Daphne Fama

The highly anticipated sci-fi survival game, The Callisto Protocol, was released on December 2, 2022. But after a series of mixed reviews, players have wondered if it’s possible to try the game for less than its marketed costs for a minimum of $60 USD. For Xbox players, the best way to do this is the Game Pass.

Xbox’s Game Pass has featured some impressive releases this year, from the well-received Plague Tell: Requiem to dozens of horror games that are well-beloved by their communities. But will Striking Distance Studios bring The Callisto Protocol to the Xbox Game Pass?

Is The Callisto Protocol on Xbox Game Pass? – Answered

Unfortunately, The Callisto Protocol is not currently on the Xbox Game Pass. Nor has any news been released that suggests The Callisto Protocol will come to the Game Pass in the coming days. This is a loss for those who are only able to play this survival horror game through the Pass, but it’s possible that The Callisto Protocol will at some point go on sale.

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Striking Distance Studios released a roadmap detailing their plans for The Callisto Protocol in the coming months, including a significant amount of content coming in February. The continued development for this game bodes well for future sales or the potential to come to the Xbox Game Pass.

But if you’re on the fence about purchasing the game now, rather than waiting, consider whether this game is truly for you. The visuals are stunning in a gristly way and the combat takes time to acclimate to. But if you enjoyed Dead Space, you’ll likely find elements to love in The Callisto Protocol as well.

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