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Is the Beautiful Beyond Compare Bundle in Marvel Snap Worth it? – Answered

Well we can certainly compare it, can't we?

by Nikola L

Well, it’s time for the new real-money-only Bundle in Marvel Snap, everyone! It grants a heck lot of stuff, but it comes with a hefty price too. You are probably here because you are wondering if you should buy the Beautiful Beyond Compare Bundle in Marvel Snap, and we are here to tell you if we feel it’s worth it or not. Enjoy our analysis!

Should You Buy the Beautiful Beyond Compare Bundle in Marvel Snap or Not? – Explained

First of all, let’s provide the breakdown of this “Beautiful Beyond Compare” bundle. Here’s the in-game screenshot and the written breakdown:

Screenshot by Prima Games

What Do You Get With Beautiful Beyond Comparison Bundle in Marvel Snap?

  • Flaviano Variant The Collector
  • Flaviano Variant Avatar
  • 10000 Collector’s Tokens
  • 500 Credits
  • 500 Gold
  • 310 The Collector Boosters

Looks great on paper, right? But, check the price tag below (I won’t publish it because it differs from platform to platform, and from currency to currency). What’s that? You can purchase a deluxe Edition of a AAA game for this amount of money. Or add some money, wait for the first sale, and buy a couple of them? Isn’t this becoming absurd?

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Yes, I am aware that this bundle is giving you 10000 Collector’s Tokens. The costs for cards in the Token shop are:

  • 6000 Collector’s Tokens for Series 5 card (Unless it’s the Big Bad (Current Members: Thanos, Galactus, Kang) the value you spent will be lost over time due to Series Drop)
  • 3000 Collector’s Tokens for Series 4 card (Bound to drop to 3)
  • 1000 Collector’s Tokens for Series 3 card

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So, you get one of each if you want to make an immediate purchase of everything that’s offered. Or you can distribute the Tokens in a different fashion. You can wait for new card releases and to pick them up as soon as they are available so that you can get the edge in the meta.

We are all aware of the term “Whale” in F2P games. While it’s debatable if Marvel Snap is pay-to-win or not, shortcuts like these potentially lure some people into the “I’ll just spend money just this once” rabbit hole. Be sure to spend your money in moderation, and think twice if there’s a better use for your money. Surely, I am not your financial advisor or your guardian, and you should spend your money the way you want to. I am not paying for this bundle for sure, or anything else moving forward, and I am still having fun, and reaching Infinite. If you’re a streamer and a content creator that can justify this spending, then sure, make sure to have all the new cards and variants to show to your audience, it can pay off.

Or, if you’re that notorious guy who spends thousands upon thousands and has reached the END of the Collection Level track.

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In conclusion, I believe that Second Dinner may earn more money by offering lower, more realistic prices for their stuff, but they probably have more data to analyze and probably know that they’ll make a total demolish with the sale of this bundle. I already see a lot of players sporting this new Variant of The Collector.

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