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Is Sons of the Forest Coming to Consoles? Answered

Will Sons of the Forest release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch?

by Grant Testa
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In the few days since its February 23 launch, Sons of the Forest has become the surprise hit of 2023. Endnight Games’ survival horror sequel to 2018’s The Forest has surpassed over 400,000 players on Steam despite still being in its Early Access phase. With all of the fervent excitement surrounding the (current) Windows PC exclusive, players on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles have started to wonder whether they will get to experience 2023’s hit survival horror game any time soon. Here is everything we know about a potential console release for Sons of the Forest.

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When Will Sons of the Forest Arrive on Consoles?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no timetable or information regarding whether or not Sons of the Forest will arrive on current or previous generation consoles for Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox. Simply, it appears that the survival horror sequel, which challenges players to endure a “cannibal infested hellscape” is currently giving console gamers the cold shoulder.

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What Platforms Will Sons of the Forest be Available On?

While Endnight Games have not provided any details on a console launch for Sons of the Forest, the first entry in the series might give us some clues. The Forest released for PC on April 30, 2018, which was followed approximately six months later by its release on PS4 on November 6, 2018. To this day, The Forest remains only available on PC and PS4. Extrapolating that timeline to the latest release in the series, a Sons of the Forest console launch could potentially occur in late August or early September of this year. However, it is important to take any conjecture surrounding the game’s console release with a grain of salt until Endnight Games provides any further information.

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