Is Reverse: 1999 on PC? Answered

Sometimes a nice, wide screen plus a keyboard and mouse is all you need.

Image of main character in Reverse: 1999.

Playing gacha titles on PC has become more popular since not everyone is a fan of gaming on the go, but is Reverse: 1999 even available on PC? It’s the latest gacha title to drop globally on Android and iOS devices, and thankfully, Reverse: 1999 is PC-friendly.

Can You Play Reverse: 1999 on PC?

Currently, it’s possible to download Reverse: 1999 from the official site and boot it up on a PC through an official launcher client. After another installation process via the launcher, you can hop into the game and sign in through an account as you would regularly on a mobile device. 

With the recently released global version of Reverse: 1999, all platforms offer the same content, but the PC version has additional settings you can tweak to your liking, like the standard FPS and in-game visual quality features seen in other games.

Is It Better to Play Reverse: 1999 on the Official PC Launcher or Bluestacks?

If you’re a gacha enjoyer who likes playing them on PC, you’ll likely have heard about Bluestacks already. For those not in the know, Bluestacks is mainly known as an emulator that allows gamers to play Android titles on a PC or Mac, boasting plenty of nifty features for a smooth playing experience.

For some gacha PC players, Bluestacks is the defacto way to enjoy these types of games to their fullest, and Reverse: 1999 on the emulator is highly rated.

That said, if you’re someone who wants to skip all the extra features and is more concerned with the game itself, going with the PC client is totally fine. Playing the title on Bluestacks only seems worth it if you’re considering using its Macros or Multi-Instance feature for rerolling pulls early into Reverse: 1999.

Performance on both versions is relatively the same, and nothing else besides optional features gives one a leg up on the other, so go with whatever is more convenient to your playing experience.    

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