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The classic battle royale PUBG has been around for a few years, and Tencent has ensured it’s available for as many platforms as possible. But can you play with your friends who decided to get it on a different device than yours with cross-platform features?

Is There Cross Platform in PUBG?

Yes, cross-platform is available in PUBG, but only between consoles. PC players can’t display their chicken dinner-winning abilities against Playstation or Xbox users as they’re locked to only being able to play with people on the same platform as themselves, and it looks like Tencent has no plans to make it available anytime soon.

You can invite players from a different console than yours by typing their nickname on the Social tab and adding them to your friend list. You can invite them later for a lobby regardless of their console, as well as being randomly matched with players from any of the consoles you can play the game in.

Is There Crossplay for PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is an entirely separate game from regular PUBG, so there are no cross-platform features for this one. The closest thing you get is playing with people emulating it on PC, but that’s technically not crossplay, no matter how you stretch it. Many people play it exclusively on PC, though, so your lobbies aren’t any different from what they already are.

Actual PC PUBG players still have it rough, and chances are that a new successor to the original game will arise before an actual crossplay feature is implemented in their game. So, for now, your only way of playing with your Xbox friends is getting an Xbox yourself or having them buy the game on PC. The game’s quite old, to be honest, so I wouldn’t expect much more QoL updates from them.

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