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Is Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch? – Answered

Time to Switch over to a new platform.

by Shawn Robinson

Overwatch 2 is fun on its own, but like any game, it’s a lot more fun when you can play it on your favorite platform. Whether that be a PC, a console, or even a handheld, having a game on your platform of choice is always better than one that’s not (for obvious reasons). For some, that’s Nintendo’s handheld Switch console. Here’s whether Overwatch 2 is available on Nintendo Switch.

Can You Play Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch?

To your likely surprise and pleasure, yes! Overwatch 2 is available on Nintendo Switch and is even available for free. On top of all that, there’s crossplay functionality so that you can play with your PC buddies while on the handheld. According to the official Overwatch 2 eShop page, the game is supported through TV, tabletop, and handheld modes. It will also set your Switch back about 20 GB of storage, so you might have to free up some space if you wish to download the game.

With all this being said, there are some caveats you’ll need to consider if you want to play the game. As it stands, Overwatch 2 runs at around 30 FPS on Switch. That’s a stable framerate, but for FPS enthusiasts, it might be a bit too low to be considered playable. You’re also naturally playing the game on thumbsticks, which for most people is less ideal to aim with than a mouse and keyboard.

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If you can get over that, though, there are plenty of benefits as well. The game has built-in voice chat, motion controls, and tends to look quite good despite the Switch’s aging hardware. It’s not the most ideal experience for every user, but most people don’t pull out their Switch expecting stellar performance. If you choose to dive in, have fun!

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