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Is Omega Strikers Coming to Nintendo Switch? – Answered

Switchin' up the game plan, one way or another.

by Shawn Robinson

Odyssey Interactive, a (fellow) Canadian studio, struck it immediately out of the park with Omega Strikers. Taking the casual vibe of ice hockey and combining it with a star-studded cast of characters, it was an immediate hit for a lot of people. Given its been down in preparation for the full release, many are wondering what platforms the full release has in store. Here’s whether Omega Strikers is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Can You Play Omega Strikers on Nintendo Switch?

The team at Odyssey Interactive was very clear on their plans to bring the game to consoles and mobile (part of which they followed through on in the beta), though specifics regarding what platforms would get access were kept under tight wraps. This was likely because of uncertainty and development for the various ports, and that makes sense. With today’s February 2023 Nintendo Direct though, that all changes.

Announced at the event, Omega Strikers will be coming to Nintendo Switch on April 27, coinciding with PC, iOS, Android, and “other consoles”. The game will also support full cross-platform play, meaning you can take the game on the go wherever you please. You can pre-register on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch whenever you’d like, along with wishlist it on Steam.

With the upcoming launch, a handful of changes have been made since open beta to flesh out the game and add tons more variety. Such features include map hazards, Striker Affinity (character progression), maps, cosmetics, and more. Oh, and Dubu is, of course, back, in case you were worried everyone’s favorite giant hamster had gotten too distracted by tofu.

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We’re excited to see Omega Strikers get another big moment in the spotlight. It’s a ton of fun and should have far more variety when it launches. The team also has far more in store for post-launch, so it should keep that staying power it needs. We’ll be sure to update you on how it is at launch.

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